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How to Make a Simple Chinese Dish : Frying Cauliflower For A Chinese Vegetables Dish: Part 2

How to fry cauliflower for making a simple Chinese vegetables dish; learn more about making Chinese food in this free cooking video. Expert: Vandy Bio: Vandy…

  1. deepfried vegetables? wtf?

  2. your over crowding the pan

  3. never had chinese cauliflower like this. what part of china are you from?

  4. why dose expertvillage cuts there vidoes tfo remove all understading of how
    to make the dishes WTF?

  5. this is so wrong.Not chinese food at all.

  6. i’m not sure this would be called chinese cuisine.

  7. the video was cut and i was like uhhhhh okkkkk

  8. what a wonderful video, are they criticizing chinese cooking methods? u r
    kidding man,

  9. I’ve never eaten cauliflower in this manner before. My mum chops up the
    cauliflower and stir-frys it with chicken broth and oyster sauce. She never
    did deep fry the cauliflower .__.

  10. This is the worse video i’ve ever seen on cooking cauliflower. No one eat
    this shit man

  11. Frying Cauliflower??? like 4reals???? dam…..some of ya cookin good and
    all but ya leave out ALOT of steps like wtf?? lol

  12. wtf this really suck

  13. it’s actually yummy. I like it.

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