1. It wont do us any good because you didn’t tell us the measurements on each

  2. Thank you naka

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. thank you for sharing jah Rin :)

  5. but maybe if you watch my video untill the end , I guarantee you now that
    you will be able to see the list of the ingredients and the amount of it
    for sure . ( I always list them at the end of the video

  6. I can’t wait to try this!?

  7. Ok. So I have made this sauce again. This time I reduced soy sauce and fish
    sauce. Oh WOW what a difference. This time it was delicious and not salty.
    I enjoyed every bit of it and wondering why I didn’t make more Pad see ew.
    Can’t wait to try it on basil and fried rice. Do you have any more magic
    sauces you can share? The all purpose makes it so easy to cook once it’s
    done and in the fridge. ?

  8. Is 20oz is 2 1/2 cup??

  9. Thank you for sharing seasoning sauce. I love it, it’s made my cooking very
    quick and easy. ?

  10. So I have made Pad see ew and basil chicken with your sauce. Both have been
    salty. I plan to do fried rice with it, but don’t want to ruin that too.
    What do you suggest? Should I add any other ingredient to reduce saltiness?
    If I put less of it I don’t want my food be dry. BTW, I did follow recipe
    measurements to the T. Thanks for your time.?

  11. +RinS Cook Book ,can u tell me how much u measure each sauce before you put
    together in the pan..?

  12. Thanks for your family sauce recipe. It makes cooking a lot more simple and
    less time consuming.?

  13. Love this sauce :) ?

  14. You are so…..nice and kind. Thanks for sharing.?

  15. Arrr .. How did I miss it!!! Thank you ka RinX?

  16. Hi there! Do you have exact measurement for this? If theres no thin sauce
    what are the other subtitute for this? Thanks! ?

  17. Can u list or take a picture of the brand u use??

  18. there is only one JERK to thumb down…what wrong with you ? your mom did
    not love you or what…go and f.. yourself. she has shared the great
    recipes ever… ?

  19. i made this sauce today and used it to make pad see ew. it turned out
    perfect. thank you! could you list what other dishes would be suitable with
    this sauce? ?

  20. @RinS Cook Book,can u tell me how much each u measure before u put in the

  21. Thank you for sharing. What is fish sauce, THIN soy sauce and SEASONING soy
    sauce? I use soy sauce a good bit but only know it as soy sauce.?

  22. I already listed everything at the end of the video?

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