How to Make an Extra 0 Dollars a Month Online With These Three EASY Steps

Who else wants to make an extra 0 dollars a month online? Would you like for that income to be recurring as well? If you are anything like most of the people who enjoy our articles and comment on my content, the simple truth is that you would be happy with ANY amount of recurring revenue at all…..and an extra 0 a month wouldn’t hurt any of us at all..:-)

Here is a quick and easy recipe for making an extra 0 dollars a month (or more) and without breaking much of a sweat in making it happen!

Step #1: Find 3 high ranking affiliate products in ANY niche you have some passion…and can create 4 or 5 articles a day to submit to the article directories. (most likely like the one you are reading this on)

IMPORTANT: Make sure the products have an EPC number (average earnings per 100 visitors sent) of OVER 70 or 80… and pay out on a recurring basis for the first sale. (In other words… will have some sort of perpetual re numeration for each future purchase your visitor makes)

Step #2: Set up a ONE page review site that ranks these products from 1 to 3 in descending order. Do a REAL review – and list the positive attributes, as well as the negative attributes of purchasing each product. (Note… ONE page, STATIC websites work best for this in my experience, and will FAR outperform blogs for click through rate to merchant, and % of visitors who will buy)

Step #3: Build Your Back Links

This means submit the articles you have written to 3 or 4 of the top article directories. Build lenses. Build some automated blogs and funnel all of the AUTHORITY that you can to the review page. In high volume niches, you can literally get THOUSANDS of new visitors in just a few days using this approach, as the article directories themselves can send that many (and DO!) if you’ve got a rapid niche.

AGAIN: Don’t worry about anything other than driving traffic at this one page from a cacophony of different places. The more incoming links you can funnel in, the better your ultimate ORGANIC rankings will be for the static page as well.

If you’ve picked your products right… you SHOULD start making a sale or two a day, probably within the first week or so. And while that’s exciting….what you are really going for here is the RECURRING income that you’ll be earning from each “passive” purchase in the future.

IM tools like auto-responders, hosting, and the like are great for this. So TOO are health and beauty supplies and services that have high retention rates! Once you get this working on ONE site… there are a whole hodge podge of powerful ways to scale it UP and out… turning your 0 “free” dollars a month into much more…and making it happen in a hurry :-)

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