1. usualy I don’t put viniger in my pickles, I use salt, pickle spice, garlic, and fresh baby dill. (I grow sumter cucumbers.)

    It takes 2-4 weeks but the taste is worth it!

  2. really, with my recipe you want the bacteria to speed up the solution, maybe that is just me (it is sort of old fasioned)

  3. Did they taste like Bread & Butter Pickles?

  4. i think so. people have different opinions on what they should be, but i like the ones i made. you might like our viewer forum website, the Green-House, link is in the video. thx, eric.

  5. love it!!!

  6. wow thanks i think i will try this one day. :) and your dogs are really beautiful.

  7. Oh great video!! I’m gonna try this ty!!!

  8. I always run into your videos totally randomly and love them.

  9. those are my favorite

  10. i like those slices

  11. The 5$ ball canning kit would help a lot.
    LId Filler

    and good video keep them coming

  12. So, how the the apple cider vinegar work out?

    I made pickles with my mother, years ago, and it was easy… Time consuming, but easy.

  13. Bread & Butter Pickels are cool man. Thank You For The Tips.

  14. @imthefrogman thx. !

  15. I love your videos

  16. LOL,, i was wondering if you were going to just can em with the salt still on them…

  17. I heard that boiling the water cooks the pickles. Rather it should be 180-190 degrees for 10-15 minutes. They stay crisper that way.

  18. just made these, and tasted them today, two months after canning. yummmmmmmmmm they are glorious!

  19. cool vid good job

  20. my only comment on this video is the spice should not be added to the top as well because youll be piclking it out as you eat them. putting some in the jar will be sufficient.

  21. Good looking pups. I plan to try your recipe for brine next. I’ve been fresh packing enough to eat and haven’t started canning yet. That’s next.

  22. Your Dogs are the Best ! Oh No my Dog just walked in the room .I mean My Dog is the Best :)

  23. I was just wanting to let you know that smooth skin cucumbers are table ones and that the ones you had there are pickling ones cause they have the bumps on them.

  24. @tollettc thanks for the info on that! eric.

  25. @26flash26 thanks, your dog is the best! eric.

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