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How to Make Cha Khoy Teil/Pad Thai-Cooking Cambodian/Khmer food with Elissa.

Khmer calls it Cha Khoy Teil. Thai calls it Pad Thai, and English calls it Fried Pan Rice noodles. Whatever you want to call it, Cha Khoy Teil is the kind of…
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  1. Very. Good?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! It looks really simple and yummy.
    Definitely going to try and make this sometime. This is the first video
    I’ve watched of yours and I subscribed :) ?

  3. This is one of my favorite khmer dish! Thanks for this awesome recipe. ?

  4. Look good sis I will try your way?

  5. Made this last night and it was bombdotcom lol and love all ur videos so
    dnt stop making video lol ?

  6. I’m going to give that sauce a try look good thumbs up ?

  7. Kathiew Cha and Pad Thai are similar dishes BUT the taste is VERY
    different. Great video thou. ?

  8. I’m going to try your way this weekend. I like my Khmer noodle with the
    sweet peanut sauce on the side?

  9. Thank you Elisa. I followed ur role n I really like it. Do u know how to
    make Samlor Chab Chay? ?

  10. Thanks for Sharing your recipe. Going to make this for a Baby shower Now.
    Can’t wait to Try! Your Tutorial is very easy to follow. I Enjoyed watching
    it the whole way through. ?

  11. Thats look soo yummy. My mom makes it yummy tooo, but I want to make your
    way too and surprise her!! Thank you for the videos… What state you in

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