1. I always thought its made out of rice flour?

  2. The filling not nice .. ?

  3. So much sugar diabetic coma!?

  4. Is there a actual written recipe she has to go along with this??

  5. 1 of my favorite?

  6. 0:21 cocaine class… Haha?

  7. I lived in the San Francisco area all my life and I loved the different
    foods it had to offer. Now I live in the countey of Arkansas with no food
    choices but fried. I’ve had to learn to make my own ethnic food.
    With that said, I’m so happy that I now have this recipe to add to my long
    list of missed foods!:-)?

  8. I couldn’t understand what she was saying but, she is chinese so it is hard
    to talk English ?

  9. Check out this video on YouTube:?

  10. Nice video and such lovely lady. But the sound is horrible! Why are there
    people talking in the background? ?

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