1. we would like to learn how to make century eggs. Thank you :)?

  2. SimpleCookingChannel. asian version.?

  3. If we soak it over night, should we keep it on a low heat, or should we
    just turn it back up once ready to serve? And do you serve with just a bed
    of rice, or are there certain dishes in which you can incorporate them

  4. It’s a five hour train ride from where my mom is from and where my dad is
    from in China so we always buy tea eggs at the train station and eat them
    on the train :3 and ones we didn’t have time to buy any T-T but the grandma
    that sat besides us gave one to me and one to my sister ^-^every one brings
    them on the train!?

  5. I’ve cooked eggs in soy sauce before, but not anything as fancy as this. :D
    Need to try it next time I’m home alone and feeling lonely. ?

  6. If you want your tea egg taste nicer and let it sit in the broth for a day,
    then don’t drink the broth anymore because tea leave will started turn bad
    and harm to your health after long hours. :)?

  7. I know this is japanese and not chinese like you do but i just wanted to
    tell you about this awesome book that was written in Osaka that holds 63
    creepy germs that havent been found by docters of today! The book was
    written in the 1600s and i think you should do i video about it…or just
    look it up and see a few germs..there pretty weird?

  8. You crack me up with your hot oil?

  9. You said “Ah that’s a good tea egg” 3 times lol. Tea eggs are really good,
    although I never knew you put cinnamon in it…I’ve never seen my
    grandmother put cinnamon in it.?

  10. Do you really taste a lot of the tea? Could I use strong Western blend tea
    like Earl Grey or perhaps an English Breakfast/Ceylon instead of Chinese
    tea? I don’t like to drink Chinese tea so it would be a waste to buy a pack
    of tea just for 3 sachets. :s?

  11. Really?? 3 hours to make an egg??

  12. Do you have to use cinnamon sticks or can you use ground cinnamon??

  13. Hey Mike!
    I was thinking of making these tea eggs right away, but thinking of your
    two favourite dishes: hot oil and dumplings, i wanted to ask: how well
    these two go together?
    Actually I cant wait to try that to
    Trying right now
    Tea eggs are also being prepared for breakfast tomorrow?

  14. Eggs look like eggs out of jurassic park nom nom
    i will make some in the morning really fancy some need something to look
    forwards too?

  15. I’m so going to try this. :) I know simple trick to peeling eggs: get out a
    paper towel and roll your cooked eggs over it till every inch of the shell
    is cracked. Then pick-out one of the ends or both and gently slide off the
    rest of the shell. Please note the egg still has to be lightly hot.?

  16. yummy! my favorite!!!! thanks for making this video… i was salivating the
    whole time lol?

  17. Boil for 20 minutes? Seems like your eggs would be over cooked…..?

  18. I used to eat the sugar rocks when I was a kid. Diabetes in a bag, but I
    loved it!?

  19. Gonna try your recipe :D Tried another one before but the taste was clearly
    not strong enough :/?

  20. I would go cook the tea eggs right away but I just ate two eggs(not tea
    eggs though)?

  21. love your channels…..its extremely informative and tell me pretty much
    everything about chineses culture….also love your style of narration?

  22. If someone looked at me the way Mike looked at the tea eggs I would feel so
    happy xD
    I love tea eggs and I can’t wait to try this out! (but didn’t know it
    required that much ingredients) is it ok if i skip the cinammon??

  23. I absolutely have to try your recipe !!! I remember in Taipei I used to buy
    tea eggs in 7/11 for a snack :) <3 I tried to make it several times but I
    have always FAILED ! Grrr !!! I love tea eggs so much :D But there might be
    a reason why I failed, since I was going to eat them with my friends (all
    french) I cooked them only 20 min or so (according to a recipe on a french
    blog) because I was scared that the yolk would become green and that my
    friends would've been grossed out xD Btw where do you live ?? Also, if you
    ever invent a tea egg perfume, I'll buy it straight away and spray it in my
    home ! :D So comforting ! Hahah?

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