www.howdini.com Famous chocolatier Jacques Torres shares his easy recipe for chocolate lollipops. Try this with your kids. You’ll all have fun, and you can give the lollipops as presents if you don’t eat them first. Here’s a link to some molds to help you get started: www.amazon.com
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  1. is he saying percent or person?

  2. lmaoo kaka beans

  3. …”put those molds into Iraq”

  4. Shocolate

  5. He said shat

  6. I want chocolates

  7. YOU GUYS, he is obviously French! I can understand everything he’s saying. In French, percent is said as “for cent,” which in French–not English–would be “pour cent.” that’s why he says it that way. Anyway … He speaks French! WHAT A BEAST!;)

  8. @MyTeddySweety
    lol my sister got fat by eating too much :D

  9. i love chocolate so much this video is great for me.

  10. @nyhomefinder wow man, way to be rude and mean…. o.o

  11. @MyTeddySweety Dark chocolate is really good for you.

  12. is he teaching us science??

  13. its just freakin frozen chocolate sauce

  14. i need to eat chocolate now…:)))

  15. hmmm idk what i did wrong… i took store bought dark chocolate (i love dark chocolate) melted it, put it in the fridge for about 5-10 mins for teh edge to crystalize and then stir it… i have molds so i put the chocolate in the molds and put it in teh fridge for 10 mins… well most of htem are not done so i put them back in for about 5 mins more and then take them out like he does… but for some reason the edges are not solid…it starts melting on teh sides in my hands. can anyone explain?

  16. like if you are watching this in 2011

  17. @moonfanaras put it in the freezer and make sure is SUPER cold

  18. more like good chocolates are good i like dark chocolate brown chocolate shit white chocolate cake lollipops raisens cookies and candy bars CEREAL

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  20. damn 666,156 views…

  21. i thought he was saying, 60 person 70 person 90 person, then i realise it’s 60 percent 70 percent 90 percent.

  22. almost disposable.

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