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How to Make Ebi Chili (Chile Prawns/Shrimp) Recipe ???????????????

Ebi Chili (Chile Prawns/Shrimp) is a popular Chinese dish in Japan. Succulent shrimp glazed in a sweet and spicy sauce. YUMMY!!! It goes great with rice. Per…
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  1. Can you please do a tutorial on a Totoro Bento? :)

  2. can i skip sake

  3. Looks SO GOOD!

  4. can you make a video how you make sweet n spicey souce you get with a
    tenpinyaki order please

  5. Look so god

  6. Well that’s a great easy-to-make-dinner idea! My children would be happy
    with the green peas! Thank you very much

  7. i am 100% japanese. hehe

  8. i am happy to hear that XD

  9. Could I use tofu instead of shrimp?

  10. In Malaysia we call this type of dish as udang masak sambal..

  11. thank you XOXO

  12. Yum, this looks great! xo @TheHotPlate1

  13. Its easy to get those in Japan!!^^

  14. Chopped long onion is it spring onion? F i dun have chili bean paste can i
    use ordinary chili puree?

  15. Panda pan I want one!!!!

  16. im a minor can i not use sake?

  17. It is good to hear that, we, your viewers are looking forward to watch and
    to learn something from your next week’s tutorial. Oyasumi nasai.

  18. yes :) i see now~

  19. Ochi, I have loved your videos for a while and they keep getting better. :D
    I wanted to know where you got your panda pan and cute animal shaped
    cooking tools. Thanks! :P?

  20. This was great with white rice

  21. soooo good! I used them as Onigiris stuffing. Huge success.?

  22. It is look like so HOT!!!?

  23. soooo good! I used them as Onigiris stuffing. Huge success.?

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