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How to Make Emperor Pork Recipe- Traditional Chinese Recipe

For the Recipe Click Here- Hello, My name is Emperor Chef and welcome to my…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. @WillonFire87 me too.

  2. You must be Indonesian…no Chinese use that kind of disgusting sauce

  3. it turn out well and delicious.thank you for the recipes.

  4. preserved mustard?!

  5. How do you know?

  6. but you are right, the whole thing looks like vomit

  7. the bear freaked me out…

  8. I love chinese, this is a great recipe.

  9. shut up. It’s actually really delicious. I’ve ate it at a Singaporean
    restaurant, one of my favorite dishes.


  11. you lost me on the mushrooms. i’m allergic is there an alternative?

  12. Looks so yummy! Can wait to try!

  13. @robinisaac327 hoh thank you for trying!

  14. Great video and easy to follow. The only bad thing was you made me hungry
    lol I wil try this one thank :o)

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