1. My family lives in a very, very small town, and it is a long way to get to
    a good Chinese restaurant, so I am very excited to have found your channel
    and look forward to trying many of your recipes. :) Thank you for posting
    so many delicious-looking recipes. My wife wants me to try making a lot of
    them. ?

  2. is there a substitution for rice wine??

  3. That looks so good?

  4. How can it be authentic Chinese cooking when the dish isn’t even Chinese to
    begin with??

  5. subbed and loved.?

  6. How did you get the round bottom wok to stand up on an electric coil oven?
    I don’t understand how it can conduct heat well in this setup. You are very

  7. Great Job but useless without showing the ingredients ratio to be mixed
    hope you review your recipe,Thanks?

  8. i am going to try your recipe since i have all the ingredients. ?

  9. i try it today its yummy my family is happy wee and i can cook lol?

  10. I love your videos because they show me principles. I rarely follow the
    recipes exactly, but use the techniques as starting points!?

  11. When I’m in a hurry I use chicken wings coated in cornstarch instead and
    serve it as an appetizer.
    My friends devour it and they always ask for more.
    Thank you so much for sharing! ?

  12. I tried your recipe thanks taste really good I used sherry and rice vinegar
    because I like the sweetness of the sherry taste?

  13. Happy wok, great to have found you.?

  14. This is so good andere tastefull, thans. A grateful Dutchy.?

  15. Delícia!!!?

  16. Looks wonderful . I think Tso’s is more Americanized than authentic Chinese
    , as an American it’s authentic to me and this is by far looks the best
    recipe I have found to try at home .


  17. General Tso’s is not made with flour. Restaurants use corn starch for the
    breading. That is what makes it crisp. The chicken is dipped in the corn
    starch and then fried. It is then transferred to a pan made of the brown
    sauce and mixed, adding a water/corn starch liquid which thickens in the
    brown sauce causing it to stick to the chicken. ?

  18. hi i like your wok! i live in nj is there any place you could recommend for
    me to get one of those? thank you!?

  19. I made this. I did not have scallions, so used shallots. I also did not
    want to deep fry it, so stir-fried it in avocado oil, allowing each side of
    the chicken piece to brown well before stirring. It turned out very well.
    Thank you.?

  20. Very silent….how bout some music? yiruma perhaps??

  21. How long do I need to marinate the chicken for??

  22. man,that stuff is the “bomb!”
    I want some,i’m so hungry for Chinese.
    I would so date a Chinese guy if he wanted to make this stuff for me. :)
    it is so awesome!!!! :Q?

  23. Thank you! Soooo many housewife video’s where they only like to hear
    themselves talk, and make a crappy dish.?

  24. Asian & Mexican; my 2 favorite types of cuisine! Nice & Easy 2, Making it
    2day, Thnx!?

  25. Lying in bed staaarrrrrving watching this is no good ! Looks so good?

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