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How to Make Nikuman (Chinese Steamed Pork Bun Recipe) ??? ??????

Ingredients for Nikuman (8 pieces) ??????? ????? – Dough – 250g All-Purpose Flour (0.551 lb) 1 tsp Instant Yeast 5g Baking Powder (0.176 oz) 25g Sugar (0.882…
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  1. LOVE these recipes! I’ve made 2 of your dishes so far and the instructions
    are great. I love how you show the best way to chop a spring onion…. this
    way is the most efficient and uniformal in size.?

  2. I find this very handy being a university student, I can make a load up on
    the weekend, then I have barely any cooking to do during the week! Thanks
    for the recipe!?

  3. Anyone know a substitute for ghe dashi stock that is available in a local
    grocery store like stop and shop or something?

  4. I have one question does she wash her hands??

  5. Great videos ?

  6. I absolutely love nikuman and now I want to try this recipe.. thank you
    Chef for sharing..?

  7. WoW!!! its seems a lot of work for 8 servings but golly what a work of

  8. I have serious issues eating, I have gone anemic twice… hehe
    my doctor said try something else, and this is just amazing, taste great
    take time but its worth. Arigatou!!!?


  10. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing, even though this video was meant for cooking,
    It really kept me entertained. thumbs up!?

  11. I like your cooking with the dog! and so so cute doggie?

  12. I ate these all the time in Taiwan, I miss Taiwan.?

  13. wooww looks so hard to make but sooogoooodddd arigatooo?

  14. Francis, thank you for another interesting episode. Very entertaining and
    fun to watch. Hello from California.
    Blessings ChefMike?

  15. for some reason to me the cute dog sounds french xD?

  16. I love this damn show.?

  17. Lol luhan said xiumin looks like baozi!
    Exo and b.a.p for life!?

  18. thats a lot of faffing about but i bet it tastes good?

  19. ok thz?

  20. Dog is soo cute! My bros dogs would not be so well behaved around food…?

  21. Thank you for the video. I love eating this and wonder how to cook one.
    Oh, by the way, Christopher Love, isn’t so loving with his flippant racist
    remark. That dog is cut and well discipline. ?

  22. I could spend all my days watching your videos! ?

  23. powk bun !?

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