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  1. dang she got a fat ass rock on her finger.

  2. @shelle12many north or south america? (rhetorical question, btw)

  3. do you have to put in the caramel sauce and the walnuts in syrup

  4. i would of made a huuuuuuuugggge mess wacking that bag of oroes.. thinking of my husband grrrrrr… that’s for leaving your shoes in the middle of the living room and thats for ignoring me when im trina tell you some juicy gossip.. hmm

  5. drooling and takes one HUGE BITE! “CHOMP” burps, and says ” why excuse me”

  6. @cutiebean4 you can put in whatever you want

  7. not a fan of the caramel but i would still drag my balls across a mile of broken glass to eat it

  8. This was the first recipe I tried from Laura over a year ago and it turned out great! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked to all of her simple and delicious dessert recipes!


  10. @LauraVitalesKitchen , I just made this today and I hope it turns out good. You are official my favorite new chef because you’re recipes are so awesome.

  11. Dear Laura how much ice cream do you need for a 9 inch springform pan? and can you substitute the ice cream with frozen yogurt?

  12. i did this for my brother’s birthday, and he loved it! thanks for sharing :)

  13. why not juz get cookie n cream ice cream and skip the mixing part

  14. so is it basically just like an oreo mcflurry??

  15. Made this the other day, and it was sooo good!

  16. Are you married or engaged because u have a ring on the ring finger?

  17. @JustinBFan1234 She is Married.

  18. FAT FAT FAT. lol~

  19. This is so simppppple!!!!! I could just get cookies and cream ice cream and put an oreo on top.

  20. if ur trying to do this youtube deal to get discovered and get on tv or whatever that motive is….ur voice is a lil too annoying to make tv if ur doin this for the love of it …cool

  21. @RandomAdventures if u look at my profile i made this acct way back when i had a scion tc ..and at the time was a great car noone can deny had the sleek styling not yet seen in the world of imports…but i have since bought myself an eg6 a 1992 honda civic si hatch with a k20 engine all motor which spits out 230 horse and smokes mustangs all day….have a good day it was fun to own your face with this discussion

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