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How to make Pad Thai

How to make Pad Thai — Learn how to cook Pad Thai, a Y4D Thai food / cooking recipe. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK:…

  1. John, I will jot these recipes down! Looks like you are a Thai food lover.

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. Hi, i love that you take your time for answering the comments from yout,
    more recipes please. Happy new year and greetings from Paris, France!

  4. bngo4, you are quite the recipe “tryer.” Your welcome! =)

  5. Solana, in the video on 0:44, this question will be answered. =)

  6. omg this look soo good!! I am so going to try this. Thank you!

  7. mphooah44, I see that you like your life with a little spice :D

  8. this is yummy

  9. i like this one, thanks!

  10. 4dzone, your welcome. Thank you for watching.

  11. Do you own a restaurant?..If you do I want to go to your restaurant.

  12. nom nom nom…

  13. seasoul1979, I love to serve Pad Thai this way! Thank you for watching =)

  14. =) I love Pad Thai too, Eugenie! Any foods from any country that is easy,
    yummy and healthy is alright in my book! :P

  15. @Yummies4Dummies thank you so much keep it and oh yeah my mum things your
    marbles and amazing also cool

  16. Hi Tina!! I just wanted to say how HELPFUL your videos have been. This Pad
    Thai will make my project of Vietnam. Thank YOU!!!!!! XD

  17. You make cooking so EASY!! I’m going to try this :D

  18. it looks delicious, do you know where to buy giant fresh tamarind and sun
    dried palm sugar?

  19. I just love your videos, thank you so much! They are the best cooking ones
    i have seen!?

  20. Hi Tina :-D I love your videos, and I just loooove asian food, someday I
    must try to make this! When you put the noodles in warm water, is it warm
    water from the tap, or do you boil it?
    Greatings from Denmark :-)?

  21. Your smile is so charming and the ‘thai stir fry, called pad thai, that
    you’re gonna try’ rhymes!!!?

  22. I love Pad Thai! I get it at a resturant, but i want to try this!?

  23. #padthai #thaifood #thaifoodsogood ?

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