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How to make Pad Thai – Pattaya street food

Mouse over the labels to see the ingredients!!—– April 2011. Me and my friends ordered some Pad Thai from a local in Pattaya and I recorded the che…

  1. I think he’s using lard for oil

  2. ah…looks great! I wish I knew what he put in it so I can make it! Loved
    his apron! lol:) TFS!!

  3. Yeah do you know fresh food exist on this planet ?(care it contains lots of
    bacteria) and do you think you’re the only one to know how to clean eggs?
    vegetables must be in the same container if they’re fresh and cooked during
    the day…for sure bet you go to mc do eat a chiken full of anabolics
    ,antibiotics and other drugs that you even knows the name …and even know
    what impact is on your healty…but you eat safe …cooking fresh food is
    simple and without risks AT ALL …

  4. The shit on the eggs add flavor of course. I would have to make the
    assumption that they or the farm did a little something called cleaning. I
    know it’s a Chinese food stand but they aren’t stupid.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m hoping to go again next year as my
    friend now lives in Bangkok (but will most probably go pattaya again!). I
    remember I did have some food on the beach, it was mainly snacks though
    (fried crabs etc.)

  6. I don’t think he got sick from eating that, dork.

  7. That is some good advice. I should also administer some common sense on my
    part when determining what street food I should try. All in all can not
    wait for this trip and can not wait to head down there with my mates.
    Thanks for the advice mate.

  8. i miss lsan food not thl food i am lsan i miss som tum and beef saldd larb

  9. @70swunderkind Lard, pretty much like cooking oil

  10. The ingredient was palm sugar

  11. It’s NOT real PAD THAI in Thailand. The real one must add the ” tammarind
    juice , dried shrimps , crushed peanuts , pickled radish , bean curd and
    put more Chinese Chives , mixed all and stir them together. And the end add
    the prawns on the top. Serve with bean sprouts , crushed chilli and lime.

  12. Better than the chemical-laced junk food garbage in the usa

  13. It’s sugar from sugar cane.

  14. It’s ” Sugar from sugar cane ”

  15. @2mac11 We had to give them back unfortunately! Lol I don’t think it would
    make good business sense to out plates to every customer ;)

  16. eggs eggs eggs eggs….oh i forgot…eggs?

  17. Vegan yummy!?

  18. ew noodles next to the eggs?

  19. Noodles with the egg hahahA?

  20. I prefer the wider noodles, these seemed too compacted when wet with sauce?

  21. what’s that weird orangey thingy at 0:30??

  22. I NEED the teddy-bear apron. ?

  23. Awesome. I never have any idea what these ingredients are.?

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