1. Umm ya its not that hard to make budd. Waaayyy to many steps. No need for
    the “velveting” no need to pre boil your meat either. ?

  2. Thank you for posting. This is the 4th time we have made this and it’s very
    delicious. The family absolutely lives it. Thumbs up!?

  3. Bout to make now!!!!!?

  4. Thank you for this recipe! I made this a few days ago and it was delish, a
    hit with the family! I had looked at a lot of vlogs for this and went with
    yours, easy to follow and looked great, sooo glad I did! Subscribed and
    will try more of your recipes! Your absolutely right about velveting, I was
    amazed how the texture turned out!?

  5. I’m making this tonight !!!! Thank you :)?

  6. I love it. Used to find it hard to make but its easy after watching it done?

  7. I always end up watching your videos when I’m craving for Chinese-food…
    Great done! :) ?

  8. Can rice wine be used?

  9. Oyster sauce? who keep’s that on hand? Is very good without it tho!

  10. freakin’ delicious!?

  11. Uprated, good demonstration. Velveting is a clever method I learned in NYC
    decades ago with wok cooking. Pepper steak will be today’s meal, with rice
    noodles. Greetings from France.?

  12. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your recipe. I am gonna tried it today and
    let you know. ;-)?

  13. What brand of beef base do you use? I find it difficult to get a flavorful

  14. There is something wrong with that beef, to many different colors.?

  15. I’m making this right now…… Do u drain the marinade off???

  16. use a damn fork!!! WE ARE AMERICANS…?

  17. Cookification in progress… /i’msorry?

  18. That looks realy easy. Good job! I looks amzing?

  19. i love this meal so much.Can you pls list the ingredents for me?

  20. Can’t believe how much effort went into making pepper steak would of never
    guessed eggs, no wonder tastes so good when I goto all you can eat chinese
    buffet. ?

  21. Will make it for you Sean?

  22. I am cooking this right now !!! For my family I don’t eat beef but I will
    trust that it will be great?

  23. Great video, I like the way you cook! ?

  24. Uprated again. Just to let you know, my spouse loved this so much and he
    was SO HUNGRY and ate like crazy, this dish is back today by popular demand
    here in France. I have various mild peppers and fresh mushrooms, but your
    basic recipe is JUST FINE. Of course, velveted beef! :)?

  25. +Yifei Dong Thank you very much! I appreciate it!?

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