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How to make Sesame Chicken – Easy Chinese Food Recipe

PRINT FULL RECIPE – Why go out or get carry out Chinese Food when you can make it at home….BETTER …
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  1. looks great. going to try and tweak it a bit for my channel. hope you don’t
    mind. Has to be a way to make it a bit lower carb but keep all the flavour.

  2. oh my!!! looks great! i always wanted to try this. so i have some things i
    need to get tomorrow when i shop lol thanks !

  3. Thanks Kitty! Hope you enjoy!

  4. sorry hit enter! lol I want to know who the Asian neighbor is who thought
    you this recipe! lol ..I made this and was outstanding! I will never get
    Asian food take out again!

  5. Looks great Larry! I’m really glad I found your channel through Salty & I
    enjoy your vid’s! Peace, David

  6. Look at how the colour changes when he add vinegar into the water!!?

  7. Would chicken breast work the same or not?

  8. Hello the wolf pit! Im from sweden, but was in New York three years ago and
    ate sesame chicken with duck sauce in Levittown and just cant get my mind
    of this dish. I really like your video and your final dish in this video
    looks just like that one I ate while I was in NY!! I would really
    appreciate if you could send me the recipe, I know you say all the
    ingredients in this movie of yours but I would like to have it written, so
    that I could translate it and buy everything I need. Great movie and it
    looks DELICIOUS!!?

  9. THIS IS SO TASTY!!!!!?

  10. what did u add at the end when u were making ur sauce???

  11. I was in the mood to try and make my own Chinese food (chicken and rice),
    something I’d never attempted to make before, and used this tutorial as a
    guideline for the chicken. It turned out great!

    Thanks for making this video.?

  12. Wow seems good ill give it a try n tell u about it?

  13. hey i wanted to know why my chicken batter is so thin? and what can i do to
    fix it?

  14. This recipe looks great, but I was wondering if there was a substitute for
    the rice wine vinegar that you’d recommend??

  15. My brother and I made this and the baking soda and baking powder taste was
    so strong. We followed the recipe too. The sauce was very good. ?

  16. U sound like Seth Rogen?

  17. Hi. Sorry for my bad english. What did you put after the chili sauce,
    something in powder? I can’t get it. Thanks for share your recipes.?

  18. Damn, I still need a Wok, man you and John both have them, I need one!!!?

  19. Im using boneless chicken cant seem to get the batter right. Are the
    instruction different from thighs to bonesless chicken breast??

  20. This was great! I just tried to prepare that 2 days ago and it came out
    pretty good! Thank you sooooo much! My girlfriend and my family loved that!
    For real, nice job! :)?

  21. You earned a new subbie sir?

  22. Thank you man!! It came out pretty good, dont know what the heck i did but
    it came out good!?

  23. This is sooo good my family loved it thank u?

  24. Your Chinese food skills are ridiculous! I can’t make up my mind which one
    to try!?

  25. Can I use white vinegar, instead of rice vinegar? thanks?

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