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How to make Shrimp Lo Mein – Easy Chinese Food Recipe

This video recipe shows how to make Shrimp Lo Mein. lo mein (dish), beef lo mein, Chinese Food (cuisine), chinese, food, authentic, chinese food,beef (ingred…
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  1. ummm i love your cooking im getting some cooking tips from you and new
    cooking ingredients for my house like the sauces you use i would like to
    see a Fried rice cooking tutorial…. great chef

  2. Hey Wolfe! :-) That looks right tasty . . . and yes, a great way to use up
    any leftover pasta! Thanks, and thumbs up, Jersey Joe :-)

  3. LOL It doesn’t last long John!

  4. what type of noodles you use and nice vid also :)

  5. Made this for dinner…no words, only WOW! Fantastic and very authentic
    tasting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you Theresa!! Really glad to hear that you tried and enjoyed it!!!

  7. Lol@ double checking the taste for flavor! That looks exquisite! Omg yummo.
    Have you ever made Thai basil pork stir fry? It’s so darn good. I love this
    one, thank you

  8. Thank you Rivera! Search my channel for shrimp and beef fried rice, I have
    both videos to show you how. Thank you!!

  9. Please make “realmanpwns” some recipes for his new FRY DADDY!!

  10. we should me youtube friends lol

  11. Howy Chit! Man that looks Aweome! I gotta make this. jeff

  12. Sure, my pleasure!

  13. I don’t mind at all Leda! Nope, no Asian wife or friend! I have had a love
    for eating and especially cooking Chinese food pretty much since I’ve been
    cooking. Over the years I’ve tried to make good Chinese food and never
    could make it taste like or better than a restaurant….until the past
    couple of years, I’ve finally been able to get it right! Thank you so much
    for watching and commenting! I appreciate it!! Larry

  14. Thank you Theresa!

  15. Thank you Joe!

  16. OMGosh, Larry! That looks absolutely incredible. I have GOT to make this
    for my family. Did you use just plain spaghetti noodles? The noodles you
    get in Lo Mein at Chinese places seem a little bigger and fatter than
    regular spaghetti noodles. What kind of noodles do they use, I wonder. This
    one is going in my favs file…as so many of your vids do. Thanks for
    sharing. I am SO HUNGRY, you RASCAL!!! Hugs, -Lisa (Toots)

  17. you cook so much Chinese food so well do you have a asian wife or friend if
    you dont mind me asking

  18. have you ever tried making fried crab rangoon with sweet and sour sauce

  19. Thanks Ange! I have not tried Thai basil stir fry before. But since you
    mentioned it, I will be soon!! Thanks!

  20. Yes!! I love crab rangoon! I have those on my soon to do list! Now you have
    my mouth watering!!

  21. looks good to make and eat .?

  22. Wow. What a mess?

  23. Love your video. Quick, clear, and entertaining; i.e. at the end there
    where you want to make sure that it is delicious…..I chuckle.. Good job!?

  24. with all due respect, this is not authentic even for americanized-chinese
    food. when making every chinese dish, always fry the meat (or shrimp)
    first, then add in veggies and (maybe) noodles. because with those much
    food in the wok, the meat is not gonna be well cooked.?

  25. Sesame oil is pretty overpowering isn’t it? When I use it I use it
    sparingly lol. Looks Good!?

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