1. @ooglebydoogleby Terrific, thanks for the comment. cheers.

  2. Inspiring stuff mate. Going to have a go at making this at the weekend with
    a reduced quantity. Thanks for posting.

  3. Nice looking sauce mate, I am gonna try and copy your procedure, thank you
    for sharing, greetings from Belfast, northern Ireland, good day

  4. This recipe looks interesting. I am very impressed that you made the entire
    recipe without getting any on your clothes. I wouldn’t even attempt such a
    thing. Could you please write the recipe down here. I had a little trouble
    with your accent on a couple of items-the 100 g of mixed ____ after the
    ginger, for instance. And what is that pouch of stuff? I’m not sure what to
    use in Canada to substitute.

  5. How long will

  6. Hi mugsy, i really like how home grown your recipe is. Its not like any
    other recipe’s that needed the fancy shmancy stuff because i live in south
    east asia and some ingredients in the other videos are extremely hard to
    find. Anyway, i would like to know on how long you can keep the entire
    sauce? do i have to keep it refrigerated? or does it keep itself good and
    fresh in normal temperatures? :))

  7. @GetDamage Hi Dare, Thanks for watching & the question. Yes, capsicum &
    peppers are the same thing. I hope you make this sauce, you & your friends
    will be impressed. cheers

  8. Thanks for this great video – I’m gonna go buy the ingredients and try
    making it tonight!

  9. Hi & thanks, I think it’s ok to send as it is, I’ve done that. I think all
    you need to do is sterilize the jars & lids & pour & seal it while it’s
    hot. My father-in-law keeps a jar on the meal table (unrefrigerated), about
    250 mils.,where he normally sits at an age care facility, I also make him
    some hot chili honey. He thinks it’s funny that he can safely leave both
    jars on the table & nobody touches it :) it’s too hot for anyone else,lol.
    anyway good luck with yours. and your welcome, cheers..

  10. Found ur recipe this morning. Picked more of my chillies. Made it this
    arvo. Marinated pork spare ribs in it tonight. Absolutely BLOODY beautiful.
    Well done Jeff.

  11. Hi Jeff, Thank-you for your upload, Its good to see a local make such a
    fantastic sauce – I just finished making my first batch and it is AWESOME

  12. Hi sean.Are you a fan of chilis? This 1 is worth making, if u r. The 1st
    time i made it, i made half the recipe. After that, it’s been full recipes.
    The only thing you vary are the chilis, depending how hot u like it. If you
    don’t use many chilis, u can make up the rest of the weight with more
    capsicum & onions. I used to avoid the hot stuff, I think it’s adictive.
    I’m taking it hotter & hotter. anyway, thanks again. cheers

  13. @Jaahbify Hi Jaah, great to hear from you, thanks for the comments. I just
    got home from fishing a few days. Congratulations on your success, actually
    the flavour improves with time. Sounds like you got a good sauce with those
    jolokias & scotch bonnets. I tried quite a few recipes in the past, but I
    found this one the best. You can make a quarter of the recipe, if your
    rushed, as I did the other day before going out to sea. Thanks again Jaah.
    Take care. Cheers from Jeff.

  14. Hi & thank you, I found this recipe on the internet & that’s what I liked
    about it also. I haven’t tried keeping it out of the fridge. I keep the
    bottle I’m using in the fridge & the rest in the freezer. I’m due to make
    another batch very shortly. cheers:)

  15. Mugsyjeff, your a absolute legend brother. About time a good down to earth
    aussie bloke narrates a cooking lesson in such easy fashion. Thanks for
    posting mate

  16. Also, how much is in a sache of tomato paste? Like how many grams. Thanks,
    can’t wait to try this.

  17. Shawn, I’d love 2 send some over, but you’ll have fun making it. The dark
    chilis were chocolate habanaros, the 1 red 1 was a bhut jolokia, the worlds
    hottest chili. I got enough of those 2 last me several lifetimes. Just that
    1 chili made the sauce hotter than I intended, but really nice. you’ll just
    have to regulate the chilis depending on your taste. Sounds like you & your
    daughter like it hot. Check out my other video”how to make the worlds
    hottest chili sauce”&googleBhutJolokiaChilisThanksBy

  18. Hi Jeff , I’m back can you imagine I was gone so long. I had computer
    issues and I really missed all my FAV shows. I had my daughter fix it for
    me….. I would love to buy some of that hot sauce. I am in awe of you and
    your wife Wilma.. How is she doing? Is she feeling better? I think that is
    lovely the things yoyu do to help the enviornment… Stay awesome.. I also
    am curious what is the time difference it’s 7:03 pm now here now I will go
    to another of your recipes thanks shawn…


  20. Damn them old timers!!! Best cooks ever!!!

  21. @cleric022684 I think I take that as a compliment.

  22. @gangusa2 Your welcome, I hope it turns out ok for you. You’ll put the
    sauce on everything, as I do. I can’t stand being without it. Have a blast,
    take care, cheers

  23. @setaareh Terrific news. Thanks for letting me know. You can add some water
    to thin it out as it was only water you cooked out of it, you probably
    improved the flavour by simmering it longer. I haven’t tried scotch bonnet,
    but I believe there pretty hot. Have you seen my mango or lychee chutney
    videos?. This sauce improves them. Thanks again. bye for now.

  24. Hi What would happen if you didn’t cook any of the ingredients? Just
    blended it all raw? Does everything have to be cooked?

  25. Thanks for the recipe Jeff, taste great!?

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