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How to Make Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts ????????????????????????

7 oz chicken breast 1/2 cup Cashew nuts (fried) 1. 5 oz all-purpose cooking sauce 1/2 cup all-purpose flour or tempura flour 2 TBSP ThaI roasted chili paste …

  1. Check out this video on YouTube:?

  2. Almost similar to kung pao. Amazing :o) Thanx for sharing!?

  3. I’m making this!?

  4. Thank you … very very very GOOD !!!!!!?

  5. Pad hin ma parn?

  6. Love all of your recipes! Super easy and simple! Thank you so much ka!?

  7. There’s a strange echo in this video.. :P?

  8. love all of your recipes. Thanks a lot.?

  9. May I know what is all purpose cooking sauce? Can you please mention one
    example of product? tq a lot.. u r wonderful?

  10. Hi Rin, Thank you for your recipes and videos I have made a bunch of them,
    and I have to tell you I have been cooking thai for a couple years even
    took thai cooking classes in SF bay area for a little while. And your
    videos have taken my food to a whole new level! I don’t buy sweet chili
    sauce anymore, I hardly ever eat thai out anymore. Keep them coming and
    I’ll keep cooking. And I’m going to subscribe today. Thanks again!!!?

  11. My son just love this :) Khrup khun kha?

  12. Hi.. if i skip the chicken &add equal amounts of vegetable (same as u
    used)will it turnout equally good???

  13. Looking good!?

  14. RinSe Cook book, thank you so much for posting this video!!!! My family and
    I love Thai food. I’m definitely going to make this dish. Thank you

  15. @gsooo1 yes?

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