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How to Make The Best Raw Thai Lettuce Wraps | Diana Stobo

How to Make the Best Raw Thai Lettuce Wraps | Diana Stobo – You’re going to love making my favorite Thai Lettuce Wraps – this raw food recipe is easy, delici…

  1. I won’t add nuts because I am allergy to nuts.

  2. to spoilednavywifey, you can certainly try this recipe with seeds instead
    of nuts. As far as what seeds or nuts your son can have or if he can have
    them at all, follow your son’s doctor’s advice. Every body is different, so
    it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergies.

  3. You are a gift from God! Eating healthy has taken over my way of life and
    you have made it easy to follow and a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

  4. I’ve been eating these Thai Lettuce Wraps at least twice a week for the
    last month!!! They are so good that even my meat eating boyfriend loves
    them! Thanks Diana, I’ve definitely started my Raw Vegan lifestyle on the
    right foot thanks to you!

  5. That looks so good

  6. I made these tonight! Amazing!!! I used cayenne pepper instead of pepper f

  7. This was so easy to make and its delicious, thank you ?

  8. Come join me in making thai lettuce wraps!

    #rawfood #recipe ?

  9. para que lo raya antes de meterlo al procesador si de todos modos el
    procesador lo muele,,,,?

  10. I love your Tag line Diana I can’t wait to make this recipe?

  11. I made these yesterday and they are amazing! Thanks!?

  12. I love the zester for grating. However, for better health chose honey that
    is LOCAL, within 50 miles of your home. Also, be sure to soak any nuts you
    use to help increase their enzyme content?

  13. This recipe looks amazing. Any suggestions for substituting the honey?
    Thank you!!?

  14. They look yummy! Will definitely make these for a starter. ?

  15. Can’t wait to try these!?

  16. I want to thank you Diana… I’ve made those wraps and they were just
    DELICIOUS! Thank you! :D?

  17. That look good.?

  18. Hi there I finally made these wraps it was awesome?

  19. OMG! this looks AMAZING!!!! thank you for sharing ?

  20. Hope you washed that lettuce, carrot and parsley. This recipe is really
    good, except for the honey. Mixed with onions and celery…really dont go
    together. Skip the honey and the result is so much better. ?

  21. Loved this recipe, the flavours are amazing!!! Thank you x?

  22. These are so good, it’s ridiculous. Try them for dinner tonight.?

  23. What are the measurements!?

  24. Delicious, I’ll make this tonight :)?

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