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How to make Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding Recipe ????-???

Hope you guy enjoyed this video. If you would like to see more traditional chinese dessert, please let me know. Please subscribe to my channel for more delic…

  1. rice flour = b?t g?o t? tinh khi?t…

  2. I remember these…..thank you so, so much….TFS…:))Vivi

  3. It is Freakin Hot!” Best part u are really funny and i like your videos
    definitly have got my subscribe and like!

  4. HaHa LOL!! 2:54 “and be careful cuz it is friggin’ hot” heehee Lol, that
    was funny & cute, thank you. Thank you for uploading this for us, you did
    great! xoxo

  5. Interesting!!! i’d have never thought of a chinese rice pudding… it’s
    amazing how the different cultures make similar dessert! (I’m Mexican)

  6. here in the philipines we call that puto kuchinta then we drizzle it with
    sweetened coconut on top

  7. i was unable to find the kind of ramekin you have. but found an extra small
    rice bowl and i made only 6 puddings. i’m steaming them right now and set
    timer for 30min hopefully it will turn out ok and hopefully to see a belly
    button on them ^_^

  8. Can u tell me the Chinese of water chestnut flour

  9. Can you substitute water chestnut flour and wheat starch for something
    else? I can’t find it in my area :(

  10. I brought most of mine from China, but you can find them in most chinese
    hardware stores or grocery stores

  11. hello, i can’t wait to make these. but i can’t find the kind of ramekins
    you have. what size is your ramekin? thank you for sharing so many
    delicious recipes ^_^

  12. hi?can you tell me where did you get the ramekins

  13. Not fond is find

  14. anything can replace water chestnut flour …cause i can’t get it ?

  15. Nice! Same thing I had when I was a kid. Try it with shredded coconut
    sprinkled with a bit of sugar. :-)?

  16. Thank you for sharing these recipes! Can’t wait to try them out ^^?

  17. For those that cannot find waterchestnut flour, you can use tapioca starch
    (also hard to find as it is a mostly thai and taiwanese ingredient) or

    Tapioca starch makes it quite chewy. Cornflour i am not fond of as it gives
    it a slight flavour i dislike. If you search other recipes for this you
    will find the quantities.

    You can buy the ingredients online i imagine.

    You can use small bowls too for steaming.?

  18. Hi, Where do I get the recipe? Thanks.?

  19. Can someone kindly please let me know the recipe? I would like to make it
    for a upcoming gathering. Many thanks.?

  20. Thanks for your sharing.?

  21. can you show us how to make nian gao please!?

  22. Looks like little breast implants…nice video though..I’m going to give it
    a trt?

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