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Hundreds of Various Chinese Rice Dish Series – Sweet Potato & Raisins Rice

Simple Chinese rice dish from To get more comprehensive nutrition for your body, simply add sweet potatoes and raisins to your…

  1. what kind of rice you use please?

  2. They look more like yams to me.There is a difference.Yams have the coor of
    carrots like this video,sweet potato’s are between a bake potato,and a yam

  3. @demmylowther also yams are a stringy vegetable, sweet potatoes are not.
    hence why you make sweet potato pie and not yam pie.

  4. @demmylowther Creamy or firm when cooked, yams have an earthy, hardy taste
    and usually a minimal amount of sweetness. Although they are available
    throughout the year their season runs from October through December when
    they are at their best. There is great confusion between yams and sweet
    potatoes; most of the vegetables labeled “yams” in the markets are really
    orange-colored sweet potatoes. The one I used in my video is definitely
    sweet potato not YAM.

  5. @ilovstodance Thai fragrant rice is my favourite, and it is the best for
    Chinese rice dishes out of all the other rice I can buy in UK.

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