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‘I’m a Chef and You’re a Cook’ – Gordon Ramsay vs. Alan Carr

Alan Carr challenges Gordon Ramsay to cook a better thai green curry recipe than him. From Cookalong Live.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. “When you’re as camp as me.” Oh Alan, only you?

  2. This was so cute, omg??? The both of them flitting about the place,
    hyperactive as children. Their banter was adorable. ?

  3. Lots of flaming in the kitchen, and they’re not even Greek.
    Get it?
    Greek? hahahahahahahahahahaha?

  4. Omg it’s Austin powers?

  5. did gordon call him a donut at the beginning?…?

  6. Alan car is not even close to funny… He’s just a noisy whimp?

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