Learn Easy Dinner Recipes

People don’t have the time to prepare the food Julia Child used to show on her cooking program. It’s a different world. Now instead of the fancy French cooking of Julia’s day, food TV features easy dinner recipes. That doesn’t mean bland. In fact, some of the French recipes are so rich that people couldn’t even eat them every day.

There is more than television as a source for these dinner cooking ideas. There’s a lot of food online. Sure cooking shows have web sites but there’s more than those. Simple meals, healthy meals, even meals cooked on car engines are featured. In fact there are thousands of online sites for ever type of food or meal subject. It would take a life time to read it all.


Easy isn’t bland. Simple meals aren’t bad tasting. Hot dogs are easy, but maybe a little boring. Then try some corn dogs. Kids love them, and they’re not hard to prepare. Some corn meal, flour, milk, salt and sugar, coat the dog, fry it. Make it more authentic by inserting a stick.

But corn dogs aren’t very healthy. Simple foods don’t have to be unhealthy foods. Broiled chicken is nice in a salad. That’s a simple meal. It’s also healthy and delicious. Try it with chicken soup. Salads can be made from almost anything. Use leftover ham, diced, some hard boiled eggs, and a pre-mixed salad from the store as a supper.

Now for some history. Back in colonial times supper and dinner were two meals. Physical work required a late afternoon meal, called dinner. Supper was the heavier meal at the end of the long, hard day. Over time dinner and supper became the same meal. However supper and dinner are still separate for some people in 2008, especially for people who perform physical work.

Separating supper from dinner isn’t necessary. But you can try lighter, traditional dinner style meals at supper time (or does your family call it dinner?) Who cares? Easy dinner recipes can make it fantastic.

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