1. Hi Thank you for your recipe, i made it tonight and absolutely loved it :)x

  2. Hungry now!

  3. pad thai sauce isn’t necessary just use tamarind paste+water or tamarind
    juice- it will be very authentic and delicious. NEVER use ketchup like some
    awful recipes tell you!!!

  4. Love your videos! Now I can make thai food at home. That puts a smile on my
    tummy :) Can you PLEASE make a video on how to make Pad See Eew. That’s my
    favorite thai dish. Thanks!

  5. The noodles might get too soft if you boil them first. It’s easier to soak
    them like this in unheated water anyway.

  6. Great food!

  7. I really mean this in a good way, I like your accent, it has a nice melody
    to it. :)

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this makes me so hungry

  9. Thanks for watching and trying it!

  10. I am vegetarian. How do I make Vegetarian pad Thai sauce?

  11. thank u for the recipe :)

  12. A very important question. There is a list of the ingredients for the sauce
    in the video, but sorry we did not include detailed instructions. We will
    be making a video about how make Pad Thai sauce soon. You can buy the sauce
    in a jar, but fresh is always better. Please stay tuned for that.

  13. Are you going to put this recipe in pdf format on your website?

  14. Thanks for the easy recipe! Your instructions were very clear and also told
    us how to make pad thai sauce. Thanks again!

  15. most excellent recipe !

  16. Thanks! There are so many different dishes that you CAN eat Thai food every
    night. Millons of Thai people do.

  17. it should be a thick paste (the tamarind and sugar and nam plaa mixture),
    this way the dish will *pad* (fry) and not tom (boil). I can’t believe you
    put this out there, not aroy-dee to eat or sanuk to watch you butcher this

  18. The images you used to give the instruction on how to make the Pad Thai
    sauce is very hard to read with the pink background and white writing. Is
    there any way you can change this graphic to have black writing so it can
    be read? Also I know this recipe is only for one person, if you wanted to
    make it for more people can you just double? triple? quadruple it? Thanks

  19. try oyster sauce same like soy sauce but with a fishy flavor and smell.

  20. Please make sweet sticky rice!

  21. @sexxyinuyasha I’ve been considering it I’m gonna go with like though

  22. Me very hungry now, I going to make this soon though i prefer chicken to

  23. Wow… That looks Amazing :)?

  24. That is fantastic! Thanks for upload. The lady is very very nice and so
    presize in description. I am gonna cook it tomorrow. I cant wait! What I
    remember from Thailand, that roasted cashew-nuts instead of peanuts were
    much better choice, I allways asked for a double portion of cashew nuts
    into it!?

  25. I love me some Pad Thai but I don’t think I’m capable of actually making it
    myself kekeke I’ll probably end up creating something else…thank you for
    the video :) #drools ?

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