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Lentil Burger Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Recipe: This lentil burger recipe features lentils which are a very fast-cooking legume, and so are very useful in healthy vegan recipes. They are high in folic acid, iron and fiber, and low in fat. This makes them an excellent protein alternative in a healthy vegan diet.

  1. i am sooooo glad that you do recipes for vegans. i’ve been contemplating going raw, but there are so many foods that I will miss out on. i am definitely going to try this tomorrow. thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG, im gonna try this

  3. Always great recipes!
    Thank you for the inspirations.

  4. Hey! Im trying this recipe today I’m really excited. Do you have any recipes on kelp? I bought some kelp the other day but I don’t know what to do with it

  5. @lizsy775 you know, I never really feature kelp in recipes, but use it while cooking. My favorite way is to put it in the water while cooking dried beans – makes them easier to digest, and the minerals from the kelp seep into the water and then on into the beans as they absorb. You can take the kelp out at the end, but I often blend it in when I make a bean dip. I also sometimes cut it into little bits with my kitchen scissors into a veggie soup, or a miso broth with tempeh & green onions.

  6. Can you freeze the burgers?

  7. @triniface101 absolutely :) they freeze very well

  8. I love this recipe!!!!!!

  9. I love this recipe!!!!!!

  10. Is it odd that I find her really sexy?

  11. Thanks for the recipe…
    I want to try it but, don’t you need some sort of binder other than the flour?
    say for example flax seeds? O:

    and also.. you said to use oil but you didn’t mention it in the recipe.
    how much?


  12. @Danielleper1 you can throw some flax in there if you want, but I find they stick together just fine and prefer not to heat up flax seeds – psyllium is another one to try instead of flax. The oil is just enough for frying – I use about 1/2 a teaspoon per batch, and I usually fit 3 or 4 in a pan per batch. have fun with them! :)

  13. Great! thanks a lot :)
    I’m now thinking of making some vegan recipe vids myself..
    It’s such a great idea, thanks for inspiring me :P
    Good day!

  14. @Danielleper1 nice, hope you have fun with it! :)

  15. can i leave out the onions?

  16. @DreamsOfAtropos absolutely :) I’m always subbing/changing things in a recipe, so feel free to experiment!

  17. I’m making this tonight! I love your blog BTW. Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful recipes!

  18. @DeffffMetal thanks :) hope you have fun with it an enjoy!

  19. YUMMY…i cant wait to try this!!! I already tried the black bean burger but ive been wanting to do something with lentils since they are my favorite!!! Thanks so much for posting!!! Peace.

  20. Hi.. What is the name of what you put at the end with lentil burgers and bread ?

  21. @BukaTuGrupo sprouts??

  22. @healthyvegan Yes, Thanks

  23. you are gorgeousssssss

  24. she sounds frail and weak , needs meat…

  25. These arE so frickin’ good

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