Thanks to everyone who watches the video and special thanks to those who have commented or asked questions. It is for you guys that I wanted to make sure I put this video out. I hope you guys are as successful as I have been on low carb, and it is always great to hear from you. Low Carb Chocolate Cake (courtesy of Linda’s Low Carb Site) 1 TBS Butter, microwave for 10 seconds to soften 1 Egg 1 TBS Da Vinci SF Vanilla syrup 2 TBS Splenda 1 TBS heavy cream Pinch salt 2 TBS cocoa Mix together all the ingredients until it is as smooth as possible. It should look similar to cake batter at this point. Microwave for 1 minute. For the special treat, add 1 TBS of whipped heavy cream (sweetened with Splenda). Makes 1 serving With granular Splenda: Per Serving: 267 Calories; 23g Fat; 9g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate; 4g Dietary Fiber; 7g Net Carbs With Liquid Splenda: 249 Calories, 23.4g Fat, 6.7g Total Carbs (3.2g Fiber), 8.7g Protein (IF = Induction Friendly)

  1. I’m on my 3rd day of Atkins. I’m so excited and even more excited I found your channel. Can’t wait to try this chocolate receipe!! I have everything the receipe calls for except the syrup. Do you think it would throw it off much if I didn’t use it?

    Thnx..Keep up the good work

  2. @askunique Just use some granulated Splenda with some extra water.

  3. I made it and it was so good. My daughter even liked it.. also made the chicken with the diet soda and egg plant parmesan..OMG sooooooooo freakin good. Now I have food prepared for the entire week (unless my fam eats it all up before me Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  4. @BuranLyoko Who the heck are you????

  5. I made this recipe yesterday!! the result is unbelievable. I came up with a chocolate souffle, Yes it’s a 100% chocolate souffle. Thank you for sharing this you really make my life wonderful, it’s very very yummy

  6. @iuyouhkj You are very welcome, and I am glad I could share it with all my subscribers and viewers.

  7. Don’t mean to sound rude, and congrats on your success with the diet. But I’m finding this diet to be the most depressing, joyless and ridiculous diet in the world. I’m doing this diet along with a friend for the next week sorta for fun to see if I actually can. I find all the meat, cheese and cream gagworthy. This isn’t a natural way to eat and life’s too short to limit yourself so much. It’s not like this can be ordered in a restaurant. This diet is so limited. :/ My opinion anyway.

  8. @MsMorbeg Really? Look through my recipe videos. Do they appear to joyless or depressing? Yes, potentially you won’t find low carb desserts on many restaurant menus, but honestly, I have never had a problem finding good dishes at most restaurants.

    Maybe the hurdle is higher than some as it might make you cook once in awhile and learn new ways to make old favorites. Then again perhaps you are doing it wrong. Have you read the book? Are you eating vegetables – like faux fried rice?

  9. @bowulf I can’t realistically fit a lot cooking into my life atm. No I haven’t read the book. I’m only doing the diet for the next week. I used to be a vegetarian, I’m not a big fan of meat or cheese and am forced to eat way too much of it. When i was in the shop today, I couldn’t even buy some fruit juice – this is according to what I have researched about the induction phase of the Atkins. Fruit that grows on trees and has been feeding humans and animals alike since our existence began.

  10. @MsMorbeg So here’s my take on the restriction. You only have to do Induction for two weeks. If the Induction level foods are too restrictive for you, migrate on to the second phase.

    The reason fruit and especially fruit juices, which eliminates much of the good, is because they are essentially just sugar and a few vitamins. Compared to vegetables, they are generally less nutrient dense and less desirable.

    As for meat, there are low carb vegetarians. You are only limited by your imagination.

  11. @MsMorbeg But ultimately you get out of the diet what you put into it. if it doesn’t meet your tastes or can’t be expected to cook, find something else. There’s no reason to put you through torture if you hate the way of eating or aren’t willing to adjust to make it more desirable. That’s like taking a bike to work everyday and then complaining you have to pedal.

    If you want other options, check out holababy or lowcarbveggie channels. They both do low carb vegetarian type foods.

  12. @bowulf well thanks for the advice anyway. I’ve stuck with it but I think I made a bit of a mistake today. I was thinking of making this recipe and bought some raw cacao powder. Got home and mixed it with some whipped cream but now that I’m googling it I think it may have carbs? I thought it was pretty much the same thing as unsweetened cocoa, do you know much about it?

  13. @bowulf Kent, I have to give you credit for your patience and fair responses after hearing so many knucklehead responses like this one over the years. I didn’t buy the book, I eat nothing but meat and cheese and I think this diet sucks and is limited. Its get tiresome. People just don’t get that Atkins is about eating whole foods. That’s why it is effective. That is why it is the most healthy. I have been eating low carb for a year. love it and eat out often. Down 71 lbs and never hungry.

  14. @Rookie35m (was quoting when i mentioned nothing but meats, etc)

  15. @Rookie35m Hey, I am always open to the possibility of enlightening others, and if they choose to remain ignorant, that is on them. Way to be such a success story and voice of reason. :-)

  16. @MsMorbeg every diet is depressing some people need to go on it though and get over it and thats my opinion

  17. @songhug weight watcher’s isn’t depressing.

  18. @bowulf and hey so sorry for having an opinion different from yours. It doesn’t make you better or right, there’s no absolute truth in this particular matter, only differing opinions therefore to call me ignorant for not agreeing with your belief is pretty ignorant in itself.. and kind of pointless…

  19. @MsMorbeg Your point was that the diet was so limited and that it isn’t a natural way to eat, and that all the “all the meat, cheese and cream gagworthy.”

    I think there is an absolute truth that you don’t need to have all the meat, cheese, and cream, and I offered you a number of alternative places to find other answers. You don’t have to eat cream, cheese, or meat on the Atkins. If you think that, you are wrong as vegetarian Atkins followers prove.

  20. @MsMorbeg If you don’t care to do Atkins or would rather do Weight Watchers, that’s a reflection on your personal taste not the diet itself. You can certainly say the diet doesn’t work for you, but you can’t say with truth on your side that you are forced to eat way too much meat or cheese.

    But again I encourage you to find something you want to do long term, do that… I personally find ranting on something that I had not personally even read the rules or book to be pointless.

  21. @MsMorbeg paying for it is

  22. Hey, I think it is great that you share your story. I sure am glad that you put recipes up.
    I will try it and hopefully many more of your recipes. thank you :)

  23. @vickykares You are very welcome. I am just pleased I could help.

  24. if you use liquid splenda, how many drops do you use?

  25. @hannahkathrynodom Depends on the liquid splenda concentration, but using mine I would use either 3 or 4 drops.

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