www.21DayFastMassBuilding.com Click the link for more info. This is a tasty low carb meal that you can have with the Primer Phase of the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program. Or anytime you want to enjoy a low carb, high protein treat. If it’s made exactly like I have shown in the video with Blue Star Iso-Smooth Whey, 1 cup of liquid egg whites, and 20 frozen strawberries it will have 355 calories 60 grams of protein 21 grams of carbs 2 grams of fat You can get Blue Star Supplements online at: www.BlueStarMuscle.com You can get liquid egg whites at www.leehayward.com

  1. What exactly is ur name? Is it Leem Hayward, Lee Mhayward, Lee hayward and the m is just a random letter etc

  2. Try also milk, eggwhites powder, and chocolate. You can add protein if you want. It’s very good in the morning…..

  3. I do something similar with frozen blueberries. Couple of tricks to get it thicker

    1- put the blender jar in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you start. Keeps everything cool.

    2- make ice cubes out of the egg whites. May need to add some water to help this along but its an alternative in the summer when the berries are best fresh

  4. Hi, isn’t 60 gryms per one meal too much, as the body cannot absorb more than 50 at the time?

  5. @Tariqslo your body can absorb only 30-35.

  6. @mx799
    Where are you coming up with these numbers? So are you saying a 120 pound woman and a 250 pound man can both only absorb 30 grams of protein per meal? Don’t you think it would vary depending on the size of the individual and their metabolic rate?

  7. @Tariqslo
    To get a rough idea of how much protein you should eat take your lean bodyweight and multiply that by 1.5. That’s a good range for the total number of grams you should consume per day. Than simply divide that number over the course of 5-6 meals per day. So if you are eating 300 grams of protein daily you should consume 50-60 grams per meal.

  8. @boby6
    My name is Lee Hayward. M is my middle initial and I had to stick it in their because someone else already has the youtube name “leehayward”.

  9. @mattb0yer
    About 220 pounds and I’m 5’6 tall.

  10. @JBoogz8732
    There is more protein in a cup of eggwhites compared to a cup of milk, but both will work fine.

  11. i lol’d when you kept adding strawberries in.

  12. i originally started watching some of your vids to help expand on my anabolic cooking knowledge to help out my boyfriend in the coversion of recipes.. but i believe i now have a big fat crush on you, mister hayward. especially when you say “out”. lol x

  13. @B0nafideStunna
    Thanks, I love the way Aussies talk as well :-)

  14. They are getting the 30g protein absorption from some textbook. A friend of mine has a degree in physical education and he tried telling me the same thing.

  15. Can you use any protein powder brand with this?

  16. @bgainesDM
    Yes, what ever brand of protein you have is fine. I’m using Blue Star Iso-Smooth because it’s very high quality, but whatever brand you have on hand will work.

  17. What else could i use instead of liquid egg whites (I live in EUROPE) we dont have liquid egg whites here…ps i’m a big fan of your youtube/blog =) you keep me motivated !

  18. @Sperixmovies
    Just use plain yogurt instead of egg whites.

  19. can i use egg whites straight from the egg? cant seem to get a carton of egg whites in the UK!!

  20. @25076755
    You could just use a cup of plain yogurt instead of egg whites. It would taste good and be a lot easier than cracking all those eggs :-)

  21. @leemhayward cheers big man……im on it :-)

  22. Turned the rubber internals of my last blender into a big steaming ball of fail.. hope the berries aren’t as hard as ice cubes when frozen or im going to smack myself..!..

  23. 1:30 it’s because the whole world revolves around the US

  24. yes we do have that here in the U S

  25. Awesome lee

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