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Malaysian Economy Rice – Street Chinese Food

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Hey Mark awesome videos !!! How did you managed to pronounce our food names
    so well ?! BTW the green you were eating is spinach :)

    “Aww yeah mana from the Gods!” face, only it’s… pork bits, or durian, or
    whatever it is that he bit into. Hehe idk, that part of the video always
    makes me come back to watch more the next time something new’s uploaded.

  3. Hey, i’m from Malaysia myself and often families who are busy often tapau
    (takeaway) this dish for their kids =) Anyway, I really enjoyed this video,
    did you get to try banana leaf rice too?

  4. That’s NOT Spinach. It’s called KongXinCai. (:

  5. No bad at all! I just wonder how much profit they make on these? I mean,
    it’s almost free to eat there haha.

  6. although economy rice looks good and filling, its not the stand out dish or
    dishes that represent chinese malaysian. “cha kuey teo and lacsha ” my
    spelling of the names may be off but ask any malaysian even non chinese
    malaysian and see the reaction. I commented to you before and wonder if you
    discovery the other side of malay food and hope you would discovery this
    two dishes. if you have more videos comming then

  7. I know, you already miss malaysian food, specially street food, or cheap
    mamak store, that open 24 hours hahahaha

  8. Amazing! Give’s somes great idea for a no’n expesive lunch! (When you try
    to get enough money to travel! :) ) ThanK’s a lot! Maryse from Québec (who
    whant’s to join you one day…!!! :))

  9. Hey, yah, this trip was just to KL as I was doing some business there, I
    wasn’t able to go other places, but hopefully next time.

  10. recently moved to KL ;) but haven’t really got a chance to travel around..
    Watching your videos made me realize how much I’m missing out on KL’s food
    wonders !

  11. Yah, same in the US, and it’s such a good way to taste a variety of
    different dishes without having to spend a fortune. Are you originally from

  12. man… you make everything look delish!

  13. Thanks a lot for watching Alicia!

  14. I’m a malaysian, currently living in the States.your videos about malaysian
    cuisine are so amazing. i never knew that americans would ever love to eat
    our kind of spicy food but apparently i can see it in your eyes that you’re
    totally loving’em! good for you though! haha. there are tonnes of other
    food that you should try while you’re still in malaysia like asam pedas
    ikan pari, cendol, kuey tiaw goreng, mee bandung muar, laksa johor/penang
    etc love all the way from Nashville, Tennessee USA :)

  15. Here’s the honest truth. I’m just a normal human being that enjoys
    eating… everything. And I even love Chinese food more than anything else
    in the world, myself being 1/2 Chinese. When I was last in Malaysia, I did
    eat char kuay teow and other Chinese awesome dishes, however, I was with a
    bunch of other people when I ate those and wasn’t able to get a video. The
    Indian and Malay foods, I was by myself. I would love to get a video of the
    Chinese dishes in the future! Thank you for watching!

  16. have you tried the jian ping? best food ever!

  17. Mark you should visit SARAWAK..lot of amazing food their..traditional food

  18. Well said. Yes I am from Malaysia and currently living in Germany, where
    food is a great issue for me here :( Hence, I cook lots of malaysian dishes
    here and remember, u once said that malaysians say they somehow miss food
    back home more than their family, I use that to tell my colleagues n
    friends here now. No one understands the importance of food for a
    malaysian. Haha!

  19. I love your videos! Keep up the good work :) I’m a malaysian myself and I
    can totally relate to your reaction to the foods you enjoy here :P

  20. Hah, Yes, I figured that out now, thanks!

  21. Thanks a lot, glad you can relate to the reaction, Malaysian food is just

  22. In you happen to come to Malaysia again, come to Penang. It’s food heaven

  23. Malaysian’s economy rice@nasi campur nowadays is not that “economy” …….
    sometimes i prefer McDonalds or KFC or any fastfoods restaurant ………..

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