These are the easy steps to mold marble swirls on Agar- Agar or to create the veining effect that is commonly found in marble. Pandan Leaf Botanical Name: Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb., Pandanus odorus Common Name: Fragrant Pandan, Fragrant Screwpine, Pandan Leaf/Leaves, Daun Pandan (Malaysia/Indonesia), Bai Toey (Thailand), Lá D?a (Vietnamese) These fragrant leaves are used to flavor desserts, cakes and other culinary dishes. Leaves are also used for wrapping meat or fish before frying, baking or grilling for added fragrance and taste. What is the best way of extracting the flavor from fresh Pandan blades? Slice the Pandan leaves grow in small pieces, use the blender with the straight blade to chop in to finer pieces. Take a piece of cloth to wrap the leaves then press harder to obtain the fragrance. On how to boil and mold the Agar-Agar, please refer to: “Agar-agar dessert recipe” Slowly pour the fist coconut Agar-Agar layer into mold cavity. Next, pour the second layer with the Pandan leaf mix with Agar-Agar. Alternatively pour the rest of layers to fill out the mold. This dual pouring technique will create the swirl or veining effect that is commonly found in marble. It takes more practice to perfect the veining effect but is worth a try after so many attempts. Remove from mold and cut to small slices. Use your imagination to display your chef-d’oeuvre. Serve well-chilled. The website that could help you secure the Jelly Molds (specially the Gutter) is
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  1. Absolutely beautiful…u are an artist

  2. How beautiful and I am sure tasty? What is the medicinal property of the pandan leaves?
    From what country is their origin?

  3. so pretty

  4. @Tzfati
    southeast asia
    it smells very nice
    i believe it has something to do with diabete, good for your health ^^

  5. its beutifull

  6. I live in alaska…where can i find the mold containers?

  7. I have never seen jelly be so beautiful! “n_n” thanks for posting!

  8. @yeesha I live in Minnesota. where can I find the mold containers ?

  9. @chenxkun Likewise. :P

  10. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! You have great technique!! :D

  11. Thnaks a lot for a nice video!! ;-)
    Tzfati In Philippines we use pandan leaves

  12. Nice video. I have never used Agar-Agar before, is it possible to make it thick enough to hold its shape like a candy bar? Will it thicken without putting sugar in it? I am looking into using it as a base or mortar for sugar-free cereal bars.

  13. @llhlhljh You do not have to put sugar and if you want Agar to thicken just reduce the water from the recipe. Yes you can use it as a base or mortar but for the solidity as a cereal bar. I am not too certain as I have not tried before. Pandan leaves can add aroma flavor to candies as well. Let us know your results and goodluck.

  14. @lykeelan Thanks. Can you recommend me a good brand of agar-agar and a grocery store where I can buy it?

  15. @llhlhljh – For the agar-agar brand pls. go to my other video “Agar-agar dessert recipe” at 1:01 you have the picture. I think if you make a print screen then you go to any oriental store and ask someone who works there, he or she will be able to help you.

  16. It looks amazing! I’m soooo gonna have to try it now.

  17. does the Jelly Molds website sell to international?

  18. ask to reply you this aroma added value to our local replacement of a lot salty food or enhancer to better sweetness in our daily needs..i will grow 10 times more so as great in selling,rightly selling with roots so that other countries can experience the plants,any interested third party welcome or dropshiiping i am ….welcome to send to you for bulk sale or non bulk sale…

  19. could you use pandan extract?

  20. What is that ?

  21. wauw…that’s beautiful!

  22. it was amazing can you tell me where to get the mold please

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