1. Hi!! I want to bake this cheesecake but I only have an 5-inch springform
    pan instead of an 6-inch :( how should I adjust the amount of ingredients,
    baking time and temperature? Please help! :'( ?


  3. Hi! i really like your recipes especially the moist banana muffins! i would
    like to ask if i can use canned blueberries or blueberry preserves for this
    cake?? it is because i once used some fresh blueberries to make muffins and
    they turned out to be very sour…. hope you can give me some advice!
    thanks so much!?

  4. Hi I really hope you can reply as I am making this for Mum on her Bday,9th
    April;) Is it possible to skip the sour cream or use a substitute that has
    lower day than sour cream?Thanks!?

  5. Another recipe, that is a must make asap ! Love that it is a smaller size
    cheesecake.. and love Blueberries. Thanks.?

  6. what size pan did you use??

  7. Hi ,can I use your recipe for your base But use the Japanese cotton soft
    cheesecake and fill blueberry on top? ?

  8. I would like to ask is it no need to preheat before putting the cake in the
    Thank you! ?

  9. Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. Sure! Btw i already tagged ya the picture.?

  11. Hi i really like your videos especially your chocolate moist cupcake.
    I wanna try this recipe, but its hard to find fresh blueberries here in the
    philippines. Can i skip mixing fresh blue berries in the batter? I’ll just
    put blueberry preservatives on top of it when its baked already..can i do
    that? Thanks and more power.?

  12. Do we skip any flour or corn starch in this recipe? I like the flavor and
    size anyway. ?

  13. I love this mini idea. It would be best for me in my own home, BUT, do you
    have the large version, as I need it for a crowd. It looks completely

  14. I love this recipe :-) I made this cake for my family and they all loved it
    so much, and my mom wants me to make this cake for her friend’s

  15. Hello, Mark : )
    I baked this yesterday and it really tastes amazing! I love everything that
    is tangy and this recipe is great!
    The only thing I made different was the crust. I had no graham crackers in
    the house and I couldn’t go out lol… so I looked it up and found an easy
    recipe that worked pretty good as a substitute. Next time I want to try
    your full recipe : )
    Thank you for the video : )?

  16. Love this video and recipe! Please make more different variations of mini

  17. Omggggg. You are awesome! I love watching youuuur channel!!?

  18. instead of graham crackers can i just mash up random cookies, lol ?

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