1. I’m looking for that!!!
    That’s so amazing!!!Thank You:)?

  2. Do you havve a no bake cheesecake recipe? And if i dont have oreo baking
    crumbs is it ok if i use just crushed oreo or biscuits??

  3. Now that looks absolutely scrumptious mark. One of the best Oreo
    cheesecakes I’ve seen yet. I love that little tin, I’m going to buy one.
    Making this for sure. Yum thanks for sharing?

  4. This looks really good. I would love to try this recipe! How thick is this
    cheesecake? ?

  5. Thanks I could make this for my children?


  7. Wow definitely making this soon!?

  8. Yummy! I love how the plate turns and seems to beacon unto me! Not
    something we can eat everyday, but wouldn’t this be great for valentine’s
    day instead of a box of chocolates? You betcha! Can’t wait to hear my
    husband’s reaction when he hears the blow dryer going in the kitchen. lol?

  9. can I omit the sour cream and add lemon juice instead.:-)?

  10. Hi again :) ive bn watchin all of ur videos And they’re all great , i love
    how you make cookin look so fun and easy. 2 days ago i baked the chocolate
    mousse cake and it was Perfect, so today im tryin this mini oreo cheesecake
    but i just have a few quest… how much is 8 oz ? and can i Leave it in the
    fridge for the whole night not just 6 hrs ??

  11. Can I substitute anything for the sour cream??

  12. I’m gonna bake a bigger version of this cake just because I think I would
    personally eat like 2 pounds for dessert.

    Unfortunately they don’t sell sour cream out here , can I use plain Greek
    yogurt or another thing??

  13. Hello, may I know if I can use light sour cream for this recipe? I only
    managed to find light sour cream D:?

  14. I would like to make this cake. How? I can not buy oero crumb and sourcream
    in here – Ho Chi Minh City VN?

  15. Just yesterday I was looking for a cheesecake using only 8 oz. of cream
    cheese-didn’t think to look for mini! Thanks for this great recipe…Oh,
    and yours looks Delicious!?

  16. Hello!, i want to make your Oreo recipe,but, here in Greece we don’t have
    OREO baking crumbs,so,instead i can use only the biscuits without the cream
    of Oreo cookies and very good chopped for the base ? and something last, i
    do not have the same form cake like yours ,so i must find 6 inches diameter
    but what is the height ??

  17. It looks very good!! Thank you for the recipe;)?

  18. This looks amazing!! I love Cheesecake and then you put in Oreos then add
    Ganache, pure sinful goodness!! This is a must make for me! Just one
    question, and by the way Thank You so much for answering all my questions!
    I would love to add a liqueur to the Ganache, how much could I safely use
    without messing up the great thick consistency you have with your Ganache
    in this video? What is a great ratio for each, cream, chocolate and the
    liqueur? Again Thank You for sharing another one of your amazing desserts!!
    You have truly baked your way into my heart as well as so many others!!?

  19. Do I need to use Phidelphia?

  20. omg your nails look so perfect i’m so jealous?

  21. I really enjoyed your videos, you are perfect like always, it looks so
    yummy i will give a try?

  22. Wow thanks for this! Now I know what to make on my girl’s birthday… God
    bless, bro.?

  23. Great job decorating the cake!! I am ready for a slice, send me some! :D?

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