1. I totally adore tea! ^^
    Funny vid! :3

  2. Bo Burnham’s brittish twin?

  3. Getting this right is the most important step, very informative.

  4. Losing weight is quite a journey, I watch video about it every week – it helps to keep me motivated, even if some of the advice is conflicting

  5. I found this really interesting – I really love the way you put your videos together

  6. I lost 3 stone before i met my boyfriend, then I put it all back on again plus an extra 3 stone due to being far too comfortable and eating whatever he ate (plus what he didnt!). So now Im back trying to get back to my original size 12 but im finding it difficult and so im wondering around through youtube for inspiration to keep me going! :D
    You are gorgeous btw! lol Ever in leeds, give me a buzz ;) haha!

  7. goood, very good.

  8. Great video! I agree with all your tips!! Its important to treat yourself!

  9. Really enjoyed you video informative. When you have time come visit my channel!

  10. Can you really do it just with that? Somebody post if they tried it.

  11. Really enjoyed you video informative. When you have time come visit my channel!

  12. Thanks for motivating me. :D

  13. thanks for this. I needed inspiration

  14. Wow thats awesome; Cant wait to see more!:)

  15. Just under 11 stone now? How tall are you? Im 5ft 10, im currently 13 stone down from 16 and I need to lose anything between 10 and 14 stone more to be at a healthy weight. I love running and cardio at the gym, and I eat right most of the time but I just cant seem to get below that 13 mark. Got a big fat belly so I know its not muscle mass. Any tips?

  16. How long did it take you? *drinks water*

  17. Ive trawled the internet for weight loss tips and advice, and have stumbled upon plenty, the goods and the bads. This video only has good advice. :) For tea, I highly reccommend Green Tea. A lot of research has been done on this tea, widely consumed in asia, and it has been shown to assist weight loss. It also has many other health benefits. ]

  18. How long did it take to loose all your weight?

  19. Its so easy to lose weight when your a teenage boy….when i was 15 i lost 7 stone mainly by masturbating 24/7 like a manic chimp.

  20. nice vid

  21. what were ur friends like when they realised u getting smaller?

  22. This is a very helpful video but I had to stop the video a one point because I though you were saying porn and could not stop giggling.

  23. well, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat healthily and lose weight
    lots of vegetarians are unhealthy, it’s more about how much you eat and balancing it out than what you eat.
    i mean, potato chips are vegetarian food but they definitely aren’t healthy for you.

  24. how long did it take and well done, im trying to loose 15LB so i guess thats like a stone? but these tips helps sooo much thanks :)

  25. iloveyou

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