Pakistani Recipe Ingredients 750g of Beef Shank/ Shin or Stew Pieces A few bone pieces One medium sized onion, finely sliced A piece of ginger, roughly crushed Half tsp assorted garam masala Half tsp sauf (aniseed) 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste Plain flour Shan Nihari Masala Garnishing Half tsp sauf Few pieces of Laung/ Cloves Coriander, Lemon, Ginger, Green Chilli Oil
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  1. very nice Thank you so much


  3. the recipie is coo0l… i always wonder wt dis nihari wud be coz ive nvr nw m gna try it myslfff…

  4. I love it im gonna try some soon! I thought it was a hard stuff to cook! thanks carpediem! upload some more recipes please also haleem haha!

  5. hi, the purpose of adding bone is for giving a good nahari taste. hope u understand.


  7. why cook the meat for 3-4 hrs when u could do this so much quicker in a pressure cooker? won’t it come out the same?

  8. 4 to 5 hours…

  9. i am gonna try it today .. now. hope it turned out well

  10. I would take the bones out too cause the way my relatives eat I feel lucky if they leave the plate.

  11. I would keep the bones in cause the way my relatives eat I feel lucky if they leave the plate.

  12. Yeh KHA KHA ke tum sab MOTE ho jao gai MUAHAHHA

  13. u dont, now shit about it biyach

  14. awesome!!! I LOVE NIHARI!!!! Thanks for this upload! please upload tips/recipe for haleem too

  15. wat was dat assorted ginger??

  16. can we made this dish with lamd meat?

  17. What The Hell! LMAO! Niharii iis Never Made With onions! This iis Fail!! This is Not A Traditional One !!!!!!!! ERGH HATE YU AND YER FAKE ACCENT!!

  18. LMAO on this recipe…tomatoe puree in nehari….

  19. Amazing recipe! My mom makes it the best :D!

  20. Great post, have to try it, i tried your spinach n aloo, it turn out so Good, its a saturday morning breakfast in our home, thank you so much for your efforts.

  21. Ye Kaisee Nihari hai jismain na Jaifil hai, na Jawatri hai Na Sonth hai :S

  22. @satishtyagi1 Sure you can use lamb. But lamb cooks quicker so you have to adjust timing. You can even use chicken if you prefer. Again timing will be adjusted.

  23. This Nihari looks absolutely beautiful. Much love from the UK!

  24. Beautiful

  25. I hav just made nihari…………….n let me tell you it tastes delicious……..hmmmmmmmmmmmm………..i really want to thank you for sharing this recipe with us……..once again thx alot….

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