1. great!!! love you?

  2. again thank you another must try ?

  3. It’s more like hours, not 20 minutes. But it is 20 mins in a pressure

  4. Always lol-able and lovable?

  5. As-salamu alaykum Titli! =D

    Your recipes are so simple, easy AND TASTY. I’m about to make my 2nd batch
    of buckwheat bread, since starving myself due to gluten, i’ve been OD’in on
    ‘things with bread’.

    I love cheesecake and i can’t be arsed baking much, brilliant!?

  6. Honey graham crackers available in Walmart…?

  7. I love u really …u make me laugh n i loved cooking cz u made it so much
    fun masha allaah <3<3<3<3<3<3<3?

  8. Lovely recipe, I cant wait to try this one myself. I still recommend the
    potato masher to smooth out the base over a spoon though?

  9. Goooooooooòod?

  10. Digestive crackers….in the dryer….attachment on dryer door… So
    entertaining to a loyal U.S. viewer.?

  11. Aoa hahaha would that be halal spam ???? lol ,,,jazakallah sister,,,here
    comes another inch on the hips!!! ;)?

  12. The clothes dryer to crush the biscuits is a fantastic idea!?

  13. he he I’m watching your cooking videos whilst fasting, what a sick perve I
    am :)?

  14. Yummy cheesecake and beautiful, too!?

  15. I know it’s not really true caramel but if you boil a sealed can of
    condensed milk for 20-30 minutes it becomes almost caramel like on its own.
    I thought this was a pretty neat trick the first time I heard of it.?

  16. Oh my goodness, you are too funny ! And I love your recipes…and garden !
    Was that a clothes dryer that you placed the crackers in ? Is that the
    exhaust hose coming out of the door ? Where does it exhaust to ? Just
    curious, I’ve never seen something like that.?

  17. How long can this be kept in the refrigerator before the mashed bananas in
    the cheesecake mixture start browning? This looks really good?

  18. What are gram crackers? Titli always mentions them as an alternative to
    digestives but I’ve never heard of them.?

  19. Thick cream? Is that heavy whipped cream??

  20. a caloric bomb but I’d like to taste ! ^_^ ?

  21. I hate banana.can I use rasberry. ??

  22. That’s a very pretty cheesecake, Titli.?

  23. Looks like Titli’s favorite cake is cheesecake.?

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