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Nutella & Strawberry Filled Crepes Recipe Video – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 30

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  1. @aar0475 lol

  2. Why couldn’t she crack the eggs in the mixer instead of wasting a clean bowl?

  3. your a great cook.

  4. she speaks like theres lots of saliva in her mouth.. very ew and annoying

  5. you only need to put nutella in tthe microwave when u take it out off the fridge

  6. @surfinroxy259 to make sure there isnt a bad egg, which would ruin the whole batter.

  7. That was a beautiful looking crepe thnx!!!!!!!!! Too bad I dont have the powder sugar thingy -.- do you know where I can buy one?

  8. your breast is…um…you ..umm..anyways..don’t wear a dress like’s too sexy >.<

  9. you pretty much wasted the nutella by putting it in a plate to microwave. good job. i hope you licked it clean.

  10. @surfinroxy259 she cracks them into another bowl so if the eggs are spoiled they don’t ruin the whole recipe.

  11. Made these delicious crepes this morning and it was yummy! I did go overboard with the nutella but, I’m a freak about chocolate so it just made my morning better lol! I added bananas to my husbands plate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and he loved it. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

    ~ K

  12. thats how i make pancakes… >.<

  13. thank you soooooo much now i know how to make perfect crepes!!!! thx :P

  14. Your a miracle cook god give ya a gift ya know

  15. Nice boobies!!!
    Oh thank you He-Man!!!

  16. Really nice video and you:)

  17. @surfinroxy259 people do that because they are afraid that a piece of egg shell might slip into the mixture.

  18. 3:44 ying yang symbol… nice spraying!

  19. @surfinroxy259 because it might come out rotten and it will reck the whole thing if that happens

  20. @huggablz thats why you make sure you buy non expired eggs

  21. @surfinroxy259 because you never know if you have a bad egg. By cracking them separately you won’t waste the batter

  22. there’s wayyy too much nutella for a crepe!

  23. @surfinroxy259 Because you should always crack your eggs in another bowl to make sure they are not rotten..

  24. @surfinroxy259 It’s just in case you get a bad egg or get a shell in the batter. So you don’t risk ruining the whole batter.

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