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OREO CHEESECAKE – VIDEO RECIPE Ingredients: 30 Oreo Cookies, divided 3 tablespoons butter, melted 3 (250 g) packages Bric…

  1. iv made this 3 times already and they all liked it! and im making one now!
    woop! :) thank you for this recipe! :)?

  2. Delicious !! i love cheese cake, all american cheese cakes. Delicious !!?

  3. Is there a substitute to cream cheese???

  4. hi nicko, is there any substitute for eggs? one of my kids is allergic to
    eggs. ?

  5. I think Nicko gets a hard on everytime he cooks a dessert recipe. ?

  6. what kind of sugar do we need to use??

  7. If you don’t want to bake it, just add sweetened condensed milk and
    thickened cream instead of sugar and eggs. The end result is exactly the
    same except for the texture. ?

  8. Arnt you using 2(250g) cream cheese instead of 3 ???

  9. Lmao he calls everything he makes a “bad boy” lol!!!?

  10. Damn!

  11. Hi Nicko. Could you please do Oreo Lemon Cheesecake? I wanna see your
    version, because I want to try for my sister birthday. Thank you :)?

  12. It’s says 3/4 cup sugar. I don’t use cups where I’m from. Does anybody know
    what that amount is in grams??

  13. Thanx for ur effort?

  14. Just made it.
    It looked great but it wasn’t..

  15. in the video it looks like u used 2 packages of cream cheese, but in the
    ingredients it says to use 3. Which one is correct??

  16. How come mine doesn’t look like your cake when it comes out of the oven?
    Mine was brown and spongy, I don’t what happened because I followed your
    instructions correctly….. ?

  17. Hi Nicko… Could u pls do something w/o using Oren? A desert really simple
    and ez to do but yet v presentable for birthday. I’m a stranger to kitchen
    and I’d like to do a dessert for my bf’s bdae… Thanks in advance ya…?

  18. Also what size tin is this??

  19. i just made these with u can’t wait to try them!!!!?

  20. can i do this also with microwave??

  21. Its ok not to put in the oven instead put in fridge for long hours??

  22. Does it have to be brick cream cheese??

  23. But this the first video I’ve seen from this channel, but got a question to
    those posing to be longtime fans.

    Was Nicko skinny in the first video? I NEED TO KNOW!!!?

  24. After an amazing cheesecake to make this weekend? You cant go past my Oreo
    version :)?

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