1. that’s look stupid pad thai . and she cooks wrong way

  2. So this must be a wheat noodle instead of the rice noodle? Gotta have that
    next time!

  3. hey you never tell us how it tasted ? hot or delicios ? bad !

  4. Got to say that’s the worst pad thai I’ve ever seen being made on the

  5. @Franky Ray Probably chopped onions, minced garlic, peanuts and some sort
    of chili sauce?

  6. Would love to try this looks good

  7. whats that red sauce she add at 5:00 and 5:18 ?

  8. that isnt funny man dont make fun of transvestitesf aggot

  9. i love it that they still took the time to cook it instead of premade,
    heating then packing.. and that’s asian street food

  10. Girls generation behind the kitchen counter hopefully

  11. Amazing Food! Thailand

  12. I LOVE her!!!!

  13. She’s pretty cute, I’d be down for the cause.

  14. wow it takes forever to finish?

  15. I most say that this is one of the cleanest station’s I have ever seen on
    youtube for the pad thai. I find that a refreshing change. Also, can
    someone tell me if that lady, who keeps on adding and taking thinks in/out
    of the wok, is her helper because it really bugs me that she keeps doing
    that. And I know that if was working a stall like I wouldn’t want people to
    just add and take things out like that. Or is this like a self-serve? Can
    someone tell me I would really like to know. ?

  16. nice video i lovet i m hungry?

  17. Nice video… Pad Thai is the best.. I tasted once pad thai in down town
    Hollywood, a Thai rest place called.. Palm something.. Very nice..?

  18. Mmmmmmm?

  19. make your mouth water!

  20. it looks good…i wanna try it…?

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