1. I can just taste those fantastic unpasteurized eggs….

  2. Damed right i believe no living thing should be cut up and eaten. Join me
    at ionlyeatrocks. c o m

  3. Was that tofu going in there? Looks nice.

  4. cool video! looks great. I gotta learn to use a wok like that

  5. Omg I love the song in the backround its from one of the lakorn that I
    watch…???…the food look so yummy…???

  6. Nam pla is fish sauce…so this is not vegetarian.

  7. this video really want me to spend my savings, buy a ticket and pack my bag
    heading to thailand and taste a good tasty food a whole day in thailand. i
    wishes i was a jumper.

  8. It’s been a while since iv been watching the older video with the same cart
    n everything xcpt there was girl cooking with the tag padthai gong nice
    video BTW

  9. this chef is a cooking talented star with cameras on him, posted on youtube
    & being watched over the world, including me. Proud of you, sir.

  10. This is definition of annoying tourist. sticking your hands, camera, etc
    over his work space…

  11. This guy’s cooking makes me hungry. The way he stirs the noodles and let
    them sauté; the way he scrubs the wok; the way he throws in the
    ingredients. Except I don’t eat eggs.

  12. Vegetarian Pad Thai.. LOL

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