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Paneer Chilli Dry – Chinese Main Course Cottage Cheese Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD]

Paneer Chilli is a widely available and one of the few common recipes that we usually find. Chef Ruchi Bharani teaches you how to make simple and easy to mak…
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  1. Hi, Ruchi ur recipes r gr8 n simply easy to cook…
    I want d recipe for frankie masala ,can i make it at home.?

  2. Lol I am eating this dish its so good. Next time I will keep gavy Lil
    thick, so that it coats cheese properly.?

  3. Superb yami

  4. thanks for helping, yummy!?

  5. Paneer has a lot of fat! ?

  6. hey ruchi,
    don’t take it wrong but if u r single marry me?

  7. today im trying panner chilli dry hope it wd come tasly
    i have tried ur kajar ka halwa n dal fry it was just ausumm?

  8. Delicious.waiting for ur next recipe?

  9. hey love your style of cooking and shoot is very nice and easy
    understanding will sure try , you got one more fan of yours….. thanks..?

  10. Instead of
    Paneer possible
    To use tofu same
    Way ??

  11. Yes you could…it would taste the same?

  12. can u plz share veg crispy recipe..??

  13. you are superb the look of the snacks is the main reason to attract its
    look is mouth watering ?

  14. made this….turned out excellent !!! Thanks?

  15. Can you pls share a Kulfi recipe.? I have tried many recipes of yours and
    they have turned out delicious. Waiting for a simple Kulfi recipe from you.?

  16. really a big <3 for ur recipe..n u too for gvng sch awsum ideas n recipes
    and making..!!!thnxx a loots..!! :)?

  17. I will try this :)?

  18. Can you make fried rice that goes with this? ?

  19. Hii.. Thanks for the recipe.. I get the softest of the paneer from the
    market but it becomes like rubber after i fry it.. What should i do to
    avoid that??

  20. Wow so yummmy dish?

  21. Hi ruchi.. instead of “deep frying” the paneer, if we sauté it or even pan
    grill it even that would work..?

  22. Ones again Thank u for giving nice recipe.?

  23. + bhamini mehta – Yes u can use tofu in the same way!?

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