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Pasta With Chicken, Risotto Style

Mark Bittman cooks pasta with chicken and mushrooms employing a similar technique to the one used for making risotto. Related Article:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Ha, terrific, Creamy Pasta without the cream.

  2. One pot – works for me!

  3. Interesting way of cooking pasta
    never seen before
    but probably good

  4. No one wants to listen to a racist.

  5. i thought pasta wouldn’t absorb liquids…??

  6. yea you racist if you didnt like’em then why did u come to his AWSOME video

  7. how else does dry pasta turn into cooked pasta???? ;) think man, think ;)

  8. The noodles would cook in what, 6 minutes? How does all of that stock boil down so quickly? But it looks yummy. I guess if it were done with rice, then it would Risotto?

  9. I just made this. It was niiiiiiiiice!

  10. I will never cook pasta with water again. This recipe is awesome! So good.

  11. Its freaking great!!!

  12. interesting way to do pasta. i will try this

  13. um u diden’t use resotto u used twist pasta

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