1. Hey ladies! Good job on the phulka… I really loved it and this the way my mom used to do this in olden times but now she has stoped it because one of our friend who is a doctor suggested us not to use the fire directly on the food we eat and it may cause cancer, but i do like this type of chapathi…Is it true or False??? Any updates from ur side regarding this???

  2. Nice job, and I’m voting for you guys!!

  3. @showmethecurry does regular all purpose flour work for this too? please reply! thanks, you two are amazing :)

  4. @Na0miGames : No, unfortunately, it will not. You need Whole Wheat Flour for this.

  5. okay thanks a lot! :) i’m definetly going to try this recipe out!

  6. Nice tip on how to blow up the rotis. Rock on ladies !!!

  7. Nice. Very nice.

  8. hello. I have been watching your videos for a while now, and have even made some of your recipes. You two are awesome. I tried to make rphulka for the fist time today using 100 percent whole wheat flour, 100 percent of the wheat and bran it says on the package.I did not use chapati flour. i added the right proportions of water and everything, and a dough wouldn’t even form. its was just gooey and sticky.what happened?should i use chapati flour instead.I feel so discouraged to make them now.

  9. @jennah48
    Sorry to hear that…chapati flour is milled a bit different than whole wheat flour and may absorb more water. Don’t be afraid to try again. This time, add a little water at a time until you think the dough is coming together. This way, you can stop before it becomes too sticky. Good luck!

  10. Thank you so much for your videos.
    I was in india a few weeks ago and I ate some delicious steamed white bread, but it was not Idli, it was thinner and larger than that, and very white. I was in Hyderabad, they offered me that on my breakfast. They added some milk cream on it. it was very good I’d love to find a reciepe for that. Do you know what I am talking about? Do you have a reciepe for that or even just the name?
    Pls answer as soon as you can, thank you.

  11. @DronningV Looks like you had “aapam” for breakfast…It is a different version of “dosai”…

  12. @usernamerabia I think the response was a little disingenuous as the girls know that you will need a type of metal grill to make the rotis puff up on an electrical cooker. If you look at a video by SuperVeggieDelight 8.59 mins she will show you how.

  13. I would like tips on a perfect circle. I can never roll them out right.

  14. @TheBronzePearl
    There is no tip for that unfortunately…it just takes practice.

  15. awesome!!

  16. What is chapatti flour? Is it chickpea? I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  17. @addelaney
    Chapati flour is whole wheat flour that is available at Indian grocery stores. It is milled a little differently than the whole wheat flour available at US grocery stores.

  18. Will all thESE roti recipes work wih sr flour? Thnx :)

  19. @yoyopplz : No, Self-rising flour is All-Purpose Flour with Baking Powder and here we use Whole Wheat Flour.

  20. Okkies thanks i’ll go get myself some while wheat flour soon cos im dying to make some my own ::) thnx for sharing these recipe and methods of making them! ::)

  21. @TheBronzePearl if you just go on how to roll out a flour tortilla on you tube you will learn, thats what i did and i learn. good luck

  22. hello hetal and anuja i want to know can i use regular flower and add baking powder to make this?

  23. @cubanass : Whole wheat flour is used in this recipe but no baking powder. You don’t need it.

  24. ok i found that i have wheat flour but its bleached or whitened it doesnt matter right? i mean i dont care to much about color just the bread

  25. @cubanass : If it says it’s beached or white, it usually means that it is All-Purpose Flour and not Whole Wheat Flour. We use that for helping roll out the Rotis. Whole Wheat Flour is used for making the dough.

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