1. Gracias por el Video se ve queda delicioso saludos

  2. Glad to hear you like pig feet and chicken feet. Thanks for checking out my

  3. You’re very welcome. My mom is very happy to make this recipe. I’ll be sure
    to tell her you said thanks.

  4. I have heard that women eat this after giving birth. I think my mom has
    mentioned this before. But we just like eating pig feet with black vinegar
    once in awhile. I have even seen this dish served in a Chinese buffet
    restaurant in the city of Montreal in Canada. Thanks for your question and
    thanks for having a look at my video.

  5. Yumss…I love this dish! I remember when babies are born they often serve
    this. Making my mouth water! Oh I love your mom’s new haircut!

  6. A lot of my mom’s recipes I didn’t know how to cook until I made these
    videos on my channel. Glad to hear that you want to continue the tradition
    of cooking these dishes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for
    viewing my video on Chinese pig feet recipe.

  7. Great video chocolate man :>

  8. l love when the liquid congeals after refridgeration

  9. This meal is an ABOMINATION meal. God gave us a DIETARY LAW that commands
    us NOT to eat PIG (swine flesh). If you believe in the BIBLE, research on
    what I’m saying. Peace! Leviticus 11: [7] And the swine, though he divide
    the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to
    you. [8] Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not
    touch; they are unclean to you.

  10. Awesome, thanks for posting this. I used to eat this at a street stall in
    guangzhou all the time. Can’t find it after moving to vancouver so i
    thought i’d search the web to see if i could make it myself. Looks easy and
    tasty! Cheers!

  11. My grandfather is full-blood chinese. OMG! i still remember eating these
    sort? of yummy food back in the day. Thanks for uploading the awesome video
    sir. Your mom’s recipe is credible amazing!! God Bless.

  12. You had a loving grandmother. Thanks for sharing your memories. Thanks for
    checking out my video on Pig Feet And Black Vinegar.

  13. I do remember something about this being made when there are babies. So you
    say it is when babies are born. Is this also eaten when women are pregnant?
    My mom always cuts here hair short during the summer. Thanks for your
    comment and thanks for your continued support.

  14. Yummy yummy in my tummy

  15. It is so very special and beautiful of you to preserve and share your
    traditions with us. I never had this before. Many have told me it is quite
    tasty. I love, love authentic food. Please keep the recipes coming. Lots of
    love to your Mom for all her hard work.:))Vivi

  16. Thanks for your rhyme. That really summarizes it. Thanks for checking out
    Mom’s Chinese Recipe for Pig Feet And Eggs With Black Vinegar.

  17. Thanks for your comments and thanks for your compliments. Thanks for
    checking out my video.

  18. I also enjoy your clans visit videos, and I’ve been to some of the places
    before, like the library, etc.. Thanks for you and your family’s efforts,
    these are very precious culture records which I can understand and feel so
    familiar. Good luck.

  19. Great to hear you love watching my channel. Thanks very much for checking
    out my video on Pig Feet And Eggs With Black Vinegar.

  20. DUDE i have to admit im not a big fan of pig feet but this looks fantastic!
    I am going to have to look around to see if any of our restaurants serve
    this cuz i sooooooooooo have to try this! OR you could always ask your mom
    if she is interested in a middle age cuban son she could adopt

  21. Thanks for your descriptive observation. Thanks for checking out my video
    on Pig Feet And Eggs With Black Vinegar.

  22. You’re very welcome. I have eaten this since I was young, but I had no idea
    how this was made until I did this video with my mom. Thanks for your kind
    words and thanks for checking out my video.

  23. Your mom looks like a very nice traditional lady. She helped you make this
    video, which is sweet of her.?

  24. Excellent…?

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