I love Pinoy Bistek. Visit www.pinoy-recipes.com for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. I think every Filipino does. Nunnie likes it a lot. This pinoy recipe is really really easy to make. I just wish that it was more affordable when I was still in the Philippines. Beef is expensive in the Philippines that is why I was not able to eat this whenever I wanted to. This bistek or Filipino beef steak is a very simple recipe. Basically, this is just some thin strips of beef marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and ground pepper. We, Filipinos love the combination of soy sauce and lemon juice or soy sauce and vinegar. For some reason, the combination of saltiness and sourness gives a very good flavor for any meat. When I cooked bistek last week, I had to go to work so I left this in a covered container on the table. When I got home, Nunnie was already sleeping and I noticed that the bistek was untouched. So I thought that he probably did not like it. I felt a little sad because I cooked nothing else that day but the bistek and I was wondering what he ate for supper if he did not like the bistek. I ended up eating the beef steak by myself. I ate it for 2 days, divided in 6 meals. When we were narrating the video, he asked me where was the bistek. I told him I ate it all. And he was so surprised by my response. He knows that I am on a special diet and I could not eat just any food. So he thought I ate it all and did not think about my health issue. I told him I ate that
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  1. yum yum

  2. awesome

  3. wow. dilicious

  4. I try it, it’s delicious thanks

  5. can you cook this without the butter? the butter can bring in a lot of calories.

  6. calamansi is da best among da res!

  7. insta cook lol

  8. I like to eat that with rice and salad XD

  9. Good Presentation! I think I’m going to have me some bistek and San Miguel!

  10. Very nice, thank you for this video. So pretty much, you simmer without covering? I like to use tender steak f(sirloin) or this so cooking time is not very long.

  11. You dont know how to cook beef stake . you dont put GARLIC on BEEF STAKE.

  12. aga naklaro so ibabaga 2 eh.. jak maawatan

  13. wrong..you hv to fry it first b4 u put d sause though

  14. okay, now i’m HUNGRY!

  15. Lemonade works but calamansi seems better. At least that’s what i got used to.

  16. yummy….

  17. Now i need to get ma filipino mom to make me some yummy food :D

  18. @hoygising1 i put garlic when i cook bistek

  19. @hoygising1 even gordon ramsay put garlic on beef steak. you can put anything u like on your steak. dont be too rigid. it’s just food that you will enjoy, not others.

  20. ” kain tayo” Hell Yah!!!!!!!!!

  21. ” kain tayo” Hell Yah!!!!!!!!!

  22. “kain Tayo” Hell Yah!!!!!!

  23. fillipinos are the best cooks ever i LOVE LUMPIA

  24. Adobooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  25. can you cook for me im so hungry

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