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Prawn Masala

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  1. thankyou for this recipe, cant wait to make it for my family, my wife’s from rhode island and dosent care much for indian food..loves shrimp though… i bet we’ll love it! ps. you forgot to mention adding water at around 3:44 . hope everyone gets i wouldve totally forgotten it. thanks again :)

  2. Thanks for your precise timing to add water. Surely did miss that part. FYI you can add 1/2 cup water and let the masala cook well till the desired consistency is attained. Enjoy with your family !

  3. thank you for this recipe…i made it and it was really good…

  4. Where can I get fresh grated coconut. Can I use the ones I get in the baking isle?

  5. @ilawrence It’s very easy to prepare fresh grated coconut at home. Before purchasing coconut, make sure there’s liquid inside. You’ll know that by shaking the coconut. Once you have the coconut at home, break the coconut into half and remove the white flesh slowly with a kitchen knife. Now using a grater, you can grate to get a freshly grated coconut or can grind coarsely to get the fine grated texture.

    Or the simple thing you can do is to buy a frozen grated coconut from any indian store.

  6. thank yo ufor the recipes

  7. can i use raw shrimp? it’s much cheaper :)

  8. @lizthewizful Happy New Year ! Yes, surely you can use raw shrimp

  9. subbed. nice….

  10. could u plz tell me the name of this song in ur vdo. gr8 recipe & keep up the good work.

  11. @katjzmin The music is from hindi movie Gajini.

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