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Prepare Bok Choy for Chinese food

Learn how to cut bok choy for cooking Chinese dishes. Take a look at the Chinese Cooking packages that come with the cooking video, instructional guide, and …


  2. “cai” (?) usualy means vegetabel, and also means dishes(include both vege
    dishes and meat dishes. Which meaning it will be dependes on the context.
    “cai dap” ???)means “the knife for preparing the dishes”

  3. Then what do you use to cut the bok choy??

  4. chinese people like to eat the green leafs part of the choy

  5. Interesting accent….almost like a midwestern with slight chinese added
    in. Never heard that before. And of course, I could be completely off base.

  6. I’m not quite sure what cai means from cai dao. I did recognize the dao
    sounds like dough is the knife. I think that the cai either means “to
    carry” the knife or “to use” the knife. But, don’t quote me on this.

  7. its the best part!

  8. chinese never use knife cut Bok Choy

  9. Nice to know the terminology.

  10. Excellent presentation! Keep up the great work!

  11. Thank you for uploading this video. It is quite helpful!

  12. means the vegetable as in a “vegetable knife” closest translation

  13. That’s ok about the English. It takes time to learn English. I now
    understand what you meant about cooking the whole piece. Thanks.


  15. haha white man making chinese food.

  16. usualy we dont cut the bok choy, just stir-fry it as whole

  17. thankyou! My 1st time cooking with Bok Choy. <3

  18. Thanks for your comment and explaining this carefully to me.

  19. and then?

  20. no and then

  21. … i’m not a english speaker, in chinese this thing called “cai dao” and
    “dao” means “knife”, i dont know the translation is another word.

  22. They are Chinese actually, just have an excellent English tone.

  23. i mean usualy we peel the leafs off and stir fry the leafs as whole, so
    there is no problem with the inner core. (hope you can understand my
    explaintion… my poor english..)if you realy want the vege to be a little
    pieces, then dont cut it, use hands to rip it will be better.

  24. this guy likes saying “Dominoes” a lot,.. lol

  25. yes, you can stir-fry it as whole. It would take quite some time before you
    cook the entire inner core or center of the bok choy since the leaves are
    dense near the center of the vegetable. You would cook the bok choy more
    evenly on both sides if you cut it into pieces. Thanks for the comment!

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