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Ras Malai Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

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  1. Hello Mam, ur receipe is really awesome i tried this receipe at home it was the best of all …i suggested my friends & relatives to watch ur recipe…thanks mam!!!!!

  2. thanks for your recipi i have tried but after adding in rabdi in fridge the rasgula become hard why can you answer plz

  3. watch the video another time before asking youll get it@mounthill11

  4. you should have over freezed it @The4576870

  5. loved it! thankyou

  6. my rasgulla paties becomes so hard.pls tell me why

  7. @rajinkaur
    Knead the paneer more.

  8. hi i was wondering if you an use elaichi instead of the cardomon powder?

  9. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    For How many days Rasmalli remain good in refridgerator as its milk product i am not sure on this.

  10. why does my rasmalai or rasgulla gets chewy ?

  11. @anchaldimri
    May be you are using too much lemon juice when you are making paneer.

  12. @cweetsonia7
    Rasmali can be refrigerated for 6 to 7 days.

  13. thanks Aunty very very helpful,

  14. hello aunty, today i have learnt rasgullas and rasmalai from you … i am going to try them in the evening … they look exceptionally good … But there is a small question … please let me know if we could use paneer that is available in the market? for example verka paneer

  15. hello aunty……..when ever i make ras malai it becomes hard .what is the reason behind that????

  16. @MultiSamsung111
    Knead the Paneer more

  17. hello aunty, i made rasgulla today , they r soft …. but flatten…. so i am going to make rasmalai with them…
    just want to know wht they got flatten?

  18. Hello Aunty, Thank you for all your recipes. You are doing an excellent job. I have tried many of your dishes including some sweet. I really surprised myself and equally impressed lot of friends. Thank you again. Tanzir.

  19. Excellent again. Tried your recipe and it was a success !! Couldn’t believe I could do this. Thanks to you. I was wandering – are you a Bengali ? Tanzir.

  20. wow…..ur receipe instruction really works…i tried it and it was really testy….thankx for ur instructions….

  21. lovely receipe

  22. Aunty, my mum made this and it was Successful because of your help :-)

  23. this is just tempting yummmmmmmmmm. wish i could be there auntiji luv u

  24. hello aunty,
    i made your palak paneer for my dad he loooved it
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. can i reuse the sugar syrup later on for rusgulla?

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