Recipe Ideas for the Rangemaster Excel

Article by Lakiesha Rosana

Buying a brand new Rangemaster oven can be very exciting for people who love to spend time in the kitchen cooking meals for their friends and family members. The Rangemaster Excel is an excellent choice for a new range because it is the first Rangemaster oven that offers triple-oven cooking. This makes the Excel a must-have for serious culinary experts. The Rangemaster Excel is as stylish as it is functional, with two massive ovens, an additional ‘slow-cooker’ oven and a separate grill. The Rangemaster Excel gives you the ability to cook a large meal in less time – a real ‘win/win’.

Thanks to the range’s multiple cooking resources, if you purchase one of these high-quality ovens, you will have the opportunity to try out dozens of new and exciting recipes. Here are a few tantalizing meal plans that you may want to prepare using your brand new Rangemaster Excel. You can find the full recipes by searching online.

For starters, you can prepare fresh appetisers with your Rangemaster Excel for your dinner guests to enjoy while the main dish is being prepared. Some interesting appetisers that you can cook with your new Rangemaster Excel include:

Asparagus and crab, bacon and five root soup, wild garlic soup with chorizo and bread, smoked pollack and spinach tart, nettle and sheep’s cheese tart and home-made scotch eggs.

These starters are sure to set the tone for the main dish that are you preparing. Some excellent main course ideas that you can prepare using your Rangemaster Excel include the following:

Leg of mutton or lamb baked in hay, herb-roast chicken, baked fish with fennel and potatoes, scallops with chorizo, and pizza with roasted beetroot, kale, anchovies and thyme.

Finally, make your fantastic dinner even more extraordinary with a sensational dessert at the end of the meal. You can use your new Rangemaster to prepare these dishes as well:

Apple on the bottom cr?me brulee, pear and almond cake, English muffins, lemon sponge puddings, rhubarb and orange cranachan, and traditional flipping pancakes.

All of these great dishes can be prepared in a shorter amount of time with the assistance of your new Rangemaster Excel. Just think of all the meals that you will now be able to put together and enjoy, all in less time and with less energy expended. The example menus given above are just the tip of the culinary iceberg – range cooking gives users more control and more space in which to cook, making it easier than ever to put together real gastronomic masterpieces.

All of the Rangemaster Excel oven types have the same features that families have grown to appreciate over the years. These high-quality ovens provide you with only the best features to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen even more. They have easy-to-use programming options, and additional grills and hobs so that you can multitask as you cook multiple items at once. Plus, all Rangemaster Excel ovens have the added convenience of a wok burner so that your stir-fried vegetables turn out perfectly every time.

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The Rangemaster Excel is the first Rangemaster cooker to offer three separate ovens to cook with. This guide gives seventeen recipe ideas for those wishing to make the most of this convenience and versatility.

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