Recipes for Adding Fresh Wheatgrass to Your Daily Diet

Fresh Wheatgrass is one of Mother Nature’s wonder foods. Filled with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, fresh wheatgrass should be an important part of every person interested in achieving optimal health.


But… fresh wheatgrass does have one small drawback. Some people find the taste a bit “grassy” – especially freshly squeezed wheatgrass. So here are some easy recipes to make your fresh wheatgrass go down nice and easy!


Fresh Wheatgrass and Juice


Mix your wheatgrass juice with orange or tomato juice. Add a dash of lemon or lime, and bottoms up!


Fresh Wheatgrass and Avocado Dip


Avocado’s are a fantastic nutritional snack on their own. Now, all you do is take your fresh wheatgrass, put it in a blender with the peeled avocado, add some lemon juice, tomato pieces, a dash of sea salt, some celery… give it a quick chopped pulse – and you have a wonderful fresh wheatgrass and avocado dip!


Wheatgrass and Lemonade


Mix up your favorite lemonade, but use natural honey instead of sugar to sweeten it. Add your fresh wheatgrass – and away you go!


Fresh Wheatgrass Vinaigrette


The base for healthy vinaigrette is extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Then comes a pinch of sea salt, and a couple of shakes of fresh pepper, and from the herb garden fresh parsley, oregano and basil… with maybe a dash of Tabasco sauce for some added zing. Then add in your fresh wheatgrass, pour over your favorite veggies, and enjoy!


Fresh Wheatgrass and Lemon or Lime Jell-O


Next time you make your Jell-O dessert, try using some fresh wheatgrass in place of water! (The kids won’t know what hit ‘em!)


Fresh Wheatgrass & Lemon Grass Soup


Admittedly, not everyone is a fan of the Thai dish lemon grass soup. But if this is in your “yum” list – then try adding some fresh wheatgrass to the broth. It’ll add a whole new dimension to the taste.


OK – there you have it.. Half a dozen ways to get that fresh wheatgrass out of the juicer and into your body!


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